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02-11-11, 09:38
If you had a Baptism Record of a family member, would you still buy the Birth Certificate ?

Olde Crone Holden
02-11-11, 10:03
Yes, I probably would if they were a direct relative. There is more information (usually) on a birth certificate than on a baptism record and in at least two cases in my (disfunctional!) family, comparing the two records has shown up some lies about parentage.


02-11-11, 10:19
Most definitely yes. I have both a birth certificate and a baptismal certificate for my grandmother but I obtained the baptismal certificate first because she was from an army family and found this easier than the birth to find. I had been told that her birthplace was Sheffield but her baptismal certificate showed Portsea so for a few years I went along with a Portsea Birth and decided my Aunt must have beeen mistaken in a Sheffield birth, but a census showed a Sheffield birth which was then that I decided I should get the Birth Certificate as well and yes sure enough she was born Sheffield but baptised Portsea a couple of weeks later because father had been posted to Portsea so yes moral of this story is get both to be sure of your facts!!


02-11-11, 12:43
i would. if it's a twig i'd get round to it evenually, but if it was direct ancestry, i'd make it a priority.

02-11-11, 13:41
Until I read your comments I said to me (there was no-one else listening at that time) "What could go wrong with the detail?".........now I know ! Thanks.