View Full Version : Can someone restore this photo from 1924 please?

Joy Lewis
31-10-11, 13:50
This is a photo of my Mum's family, taken in 1924. She is the babe in arms. Could someone please have a go at improving it? :)

alan 128
31-10-11, 15:57
Joy Is there anyway you can rescan this photo with a higher resolution at least 300dpi.
not having any luck improving your photo because of low resolution.
Regards Alan

Joy Lewis
31-10-11, 16:23
Hi Alan, this is a bit of mystery. It's a photo I've had on Photobucket for some time, which for some reason I hadn't uploaded to the Forum for restoration. It's one of several which I scanned in at the same time, and I'm pretty sure they would have been at 300dpi at least. I've downloaded it from Photobucket and have just looked at it on my computer, but it doesn't tell me the resolution. Unfortunately the photo belongs to my cousin, so I no longer have the original. I'll have to see if I can borrow it again.

Thanks for having a look anyway.

alan 128
31-10-11, 16:42
Joy although i have enlarged your photo there is no detail in your mums face perhaps someone with more experience will be able to fix your photo


Joy Lewis
31-10-11, 18:46
Thanks very much Alan - that was very kind of you. If possible I would like to have the entire photograph improved, so if there is anyone out there who can help I would be really grateful. If the resolution is a problem I will try and borrow the original again.

31-10-11, 22:24
sorry not a lot i can do with this one

Joy Lewis
31-10-11, 23:47
Thanks very much Roy. To me it is certainly an improvement, and I really appreciate it.