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11-10-11, 23:17
Can anyone advise me how to go forward looking for info on my gt gt gt grandfather. I have recently found out that he was in Dorchester in 1813 but married in St Marys, Alverstoke in 1812. Punchs mum has checked the parish record for me but cannot tell me anything new. I dont know where to go next as this was obviously prior to any census so therefore dont know dates or place of birth. This is frustrating ! Can anyone help:confused:

12-10-11, 00:22
"My gt gt gt grandfather William BISSETT married Susanna PERKINS in Alverstoke in 1812. They later went to Dorchester where my gt gt grandfather Richard was born. William was in the North Devon Militia in Dorchester, but I know nothing previous to that."

It helps to add the details, I have copied them from another thread.


12-10-11, 00:34
M07357-6 The Batch number for Marriages Alverstoke has four Perkins married within a few years on familysearch John Perkin to Elizabeth Bryett 1819
Elizabeth Perkins to John Burden 1818, Mary Perkins to George Bateman 1815, Edward Perkins to Sarah Blake 1811,
I dont know if they are all related.


Heather Positive Thinker
12-10-11, 13:26
Have you worked forward on the census/other records which may give you some more details, place of birth, possibly relatives living with him who may give more clues? What was his occupation? Do you know when he died?

Have you looked here?


Do you have any siblings for him - this family is on ancestry - do any of the names connect? This tree gives William Paddon Bissett born Downland, Devon in 1779? Parents John and Grace and siblings as below?

John Bissett
1745 –

Grace Paddon
1745 –

Hide siblings

Grace Bissett
1766 – 1776

Eleanor Paddon Bissett
1773 –

Grace Bissett
1781 – 1841

Jane Bissett
1784 –

12-10-11, 13:32
Hello BDrax

have you found the person in question on any census records at all?

Punchs mum
12-10-11, 16:30
Barabara (BDrax)

See you found the Research Thread OK then!

There is a tree on Ancestry with the marriage of William and Susannah Bissett shown correctly as being in Alverstoke. They have a baptism for Susannah as 5/10/1788 and was in Hollacombe Devon. Parents are shown as William and Elizabeth Perkin.

William and Susannah are also shown as having 3 children John, Susan and William.

Please don't tell me this is your tree!!!!

Also on Free BMD deaths is a Susannah Bissett in Hitchen Dec.1858.


12-10-11, 16:43
I think that 1858 Hitchen death is probably this Susannah:
Bridge Street Hitchen
James Bisset 79 fund holder and annuitant born Shoreditch
Susanna wife 62 born Cheshunt

14-10-11, 22:07
Thanks I will look into this, but I have been concentrating on my Bissett side of the tree atm

14-10-11, 22:13
Thanks Heather Positive Thinker but although the Paddon Bissetts are probably connected somewher along the line I don't think they are my direct tree. My William Bissett seems to have moved around quite a bit and I think he did end up (or back in) North Devon.

14-10-11, 22:32
Hi Lesley

Yes thanks I think the 3 children shown could well be my gt gt grandfather's siblings. I had found them in Family Search IGI at Monkleigh, Devon. The dates are right, parents the same so I think it must be correct and my tree. Don't think the Susannah in Hitchen is connected though. Didn't realise that there were so many Bissetts! Will check out the Perkin side.

Trouble is I can't find any definite records for William Bissett - gt gt gt grandfather - Without any census records I don't know how to confirm his date of birth etc. Working on roughly 1796 ish for birth, but Devon is full of large Bissett families.

Thanks again for your help


23-10-11, 21:58
Hi Lesley

Could you do a look up for me, I have found deaths in Alverstoke of 2 Bissetts and and wondering if there is any connection with mine? They are Dec 1869 Joseph Bissett age 33 (born 1836)
Sept 1876 William Bissett age 47 (born 1829)

Not sure if there is any connection but would be glad of any information you may be able to provide.

Are you able to find out anything about the militia based in Alverstock in 1812 ish? If Susannah was born in Hollacombe, Devon and it looks as if William Bissett was born in Devon about 1791 why were they married in Alverstoke?

Hoping to make progress with your help.


Punchs mum
25-10-11, 08:30

Have only just seen this posting!

Will check the burial records for Joseph Bissett and William Bessett to see if there is other information to be found.

Don't know anything about militia in Alverstoke but it was a military town! Also, some burial records show burials of militia men from Ireland! Can't answer that one!


Punchs mum
25-10-11, 16:23
Update Barbara!

Checked the burial records for the local cemetery for your two Bissetts but found no record of their burials at the cemetery which opened in 1855.

Did not have time today to check burials records of local churchyards but will have a look another day for you.