View Full Version : Cannot find bap for Thomas Bunyan b1770 Hatfield, Hertfordshire

10-10-11, 09:46
Is anybody visiting Hertfordshire Archives in the near future?

I wonder if anyone is able to Visit the Hertfordshire Archives and search the parish records for Hatfield, Hertfordshire, please.

>>My Thomas is NOT Thomas Bunyan born 1 Jun 1769 son of Robert Bunyan of_Royston.
>>Nor is he Thomas Bunyan born 1766_Clothall.

According to the 1851 census Thomas Bunyan 81, Pauper Agricultural Labourer, born_Hatfield.

His wife Elizabeth 77, born_Kings Walden, I believe is Elizabeth Marshall married 10 Oct 1793 according to St Pauls Walden parish records. I know nothing more about Elizabeth Marshall altho there is a likely death Dec 1857_Hatfield aged 83.

I should be grateful if you would see if you can find the bap of Thomas Bunyan born abt 1770 in Hatfield as the baptism is not online.


Christine in Herts
10-10-11, 16:03
Might be worth posting this on the Requests board: ... Aaaah. you have already done so. Well this thread can act as a signpost, I guess.

I do go there very occasionally, and will try to remember if I do.


11-10-11, 02:44
Is there an index to Hatfield? Anyone have access to it, to confirm there is a baptism for him, and give the date?

Elizabeth Herts
11-10-11, 13:24
This is the batch number for Hatfield:


I can't see a Thomas Bunyan, but one of my husband's line came from Hatfield at the same time, and not all of them are entered.

11-10-11, 14:06
Elizabeth, thanks for taking the trouble to find that Hatfield batch.
Tell me, when you say your hubby's line are not all entered, do you mean not all listed On-line...OR not listed in the Archive Records.

I think my Thomas Bunyan bap is not Online.
That's why I have made a request for someone to visit the Hertfordshire Archives.

Elizabeth Herts
11-10-11, 14:22
My husband's ancestor Benjamin Tuffnall/Tuffnell does not appear in the transcriptions, but he is there as clear day in the parish registers. I had to go to HALS to view them.

15-10-11, 11:48
I had to go to HALS to view them.
Is anybody visiting Hertfordshire Archives in the near future please.

Elizabeth Herts
15-10-11, 21:03
Probably not for a while, but if I do go I'll bear this thread in mind.