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Liz from Lancs
07-10-11, 15:32
Having just received my first Will on a member of her family, realised I hadn't checked Mrs Eleanor Standen, widow. Her dob was probably: 11/04/1809.

Her last address was: 1 Spring Cottages Civil par: Niton, Hamps. Reg district: Isle of Wight. Sub-reg district: Godshill


She is listed for Southampton, which I imagine is the nearest Probate Admin Office.

Be ever so grateful if someone could give me the details of the entry. Thanks.

Chrissie Smiff
07-10-11, 15:39
Coming up -

07-10-11, 15:40
That was quick - have image if you want it. pm me

Chrissie Smiff
07-10-11, 15:43
Eleanor Standen - Personal Estate £299 - 17s - 3d - 16th Jan 1885
The will of Eleanor Standen late of Niton in the Isle of Wight in the county of Southampton - Widow- who died 1st December 1884 at Niton - Proved at the principal registry by Lucretia Lewis (wife of Frederick Lewis) of 25 Upper Barnsbury Street Islington Middlesex. The niece the sole executrix.

Liz from Lancs
07-10-11, 15:57
Oooh, Chrissie, same Lewises as on the Harding will. Thank you. :)

Liz from Lancs
07-10-11, 15:58
Thanks J Bee...the transcription will be okay.

Chrissie Smiff
07-10-11, 16:01
You're welcome Liz :) Those Lewis seemed to do well all round didn't they :)

Liz from Lancs
07-10-11, 16:04
Shame my gran who was related them didn't do so well...it's a novelty for me to have ancestors with a bit o' brass :).

07-10-11, 16:39
The Standen family was a well to do family on the Isle of Wight. There is a Standen House just outside Newport that belonged to them some time ago.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standen_House (http://www.flickr.com/photos/27392491@N02/5171697341/)

Liz from Lancs
07-10-11, 17:31
Wendy that would be a great connection but my Eleanor ran a boarding house on the Isle of Wight. Her late husband was a builder I think. :)