View Full Version : 1911 census transcripts please

04-10-11, 18:50
Please can I have the transcripts for the following people PMd to me..

Albert Tomkins born 1878 in Oxford, should be with wife Harriet.

Alfred Cooper born 1848 in Lingfield Surrey.

Thank you :-)

Christine in Herts
04-10-11, 21:16
You may be able to find quite a lot of info even without a formal transcript. Elaine.. Spain explained it on another thread not all that long ago. Essentially, it involves playing one search system off against another. There's the 1911 site, itself, plus Ancestry, GR and FMP, all of which give slightly different info.

If I can find the thread, I'll post the link here.


04-10-11, 21:44
have pm'd it

... and the other one.