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01-10-11, 14:49
Job b1806, occupation: hairdresser
his wife Hannah b1806, occupation: dressmaker
son Job b1833

in 1841 they're living St Margaret, Leicester / all born Leicester
dau Selina married in 1850

is anyone able to find Selina's brother and/or parents 1851 onwards?


Update 15:17 - I've just found a mention of Job Cook, hairdresser, Wharf St*., in 1849 Leics & Rutland Post Office Directory.

*Wharf Street is close to Bedford Street where family were living in 1841.

Update 16:01 - found the death of Job Edwin Cook Q1 1847 Leicester .... I'm told (by OH) that this may be the son as he has his christening info.

This is the death regn of the 'other' Job Cooke (born Anstey, Leics / Lace Mfr)
Birth: abt 1804
Death: Apr 1883 - Leicester, Leicestershire
so can discount him

Mary from Italy
01-10-11, 16:47
This is the death regn of the 'other' Job Cooke (born Anstey, Leics / Lace Mfr)
Birth: abt 1804
Death: Apr 1883 - Leicester, Leicestershire
so can discount him

Did you get that cert?

I'm just curious, because you said Selina married in 1850. One of the possible husbands (according to FreeBMD) is William Allen Stevenson, and accordng to the National Probate Calendar the Job Cooke, gentleman, who died in Leicester in 1883 appointed his daughter Selina, wife of William Allen Stevenson, as one of his executors.

So either the Job who died in 1883 is actually yours, or the Selina who married in 1850 isn't yours.

Mary from Italy
01-10-11, 17:03
Just checked the St. Margaret's index, and Selina Cook married William Allen Stevenson in 1850.

Mary from Italy
01-10-11, 17:26
Are you sure the two Job Cookes aren't the same person? I realise that hairdresser is a rather different occupation from lace manufacturer, but I'm beginning to think they may be.

The new familysearch site has the baptisms for Job jr and Selina, and their parents were Job and Hannah. Selina daughter of Job and Hannah is the same age as Selina Stevenson wife of William Allen Stevenson and daughter of Job the lace manufacturer.

I can't see any sign of Job the lace manufacturer, his daughter Selina or wife Mary in 1841.

But... a Job Cooke married Mary Bettoney at St. Margaret's, Leicester in 1849. The same year, your Job is shown as a broker and hairdresser, and broker is perhaps a bit more compatible with lace manufacturer. There are 3 possible deaths for a Hannah Cook in Leicester between 1841 and 1849.

Job and Mary Cooke, Selina Lilian Stevenson and William Allen Stevenson (8 months) are all buried together at Welford Road Cemetery. Hannah and Job jr. aren't listed there, but the cemetery records only begin in 1849.

So I wouldn't rule out the possibility that the two Job Cookes are one and the same.

01-10-11, 21:33
Wow Mary, you have been busy!

Selina, Job's dau did marry Wm Allen Stevenson.

I assumed, because hairdresser seemed so remote from Lace manufacturer that there were 2 Jobs born around the same time, although 1841 doesn't give any clue as to place of birth. I'll pass on the info to OH, who I'm sure will be pleased to receive it.

Mary from Italy
01-10-11, 21:45
By the way, my 3xG-grandfather Richard Pool was living a bit further down Bedford Street from Job and family in 1841 :)