View Full Version : Date & ages help please

Breckland Jane
24-09-11, 11:13
I have an idea who this couple are but would appreciate some other opinions of the date of this photo and their ages please.


Anne in Carlisle
24-09-11, 15:04
I would guess they were in their 50s or 60s. Photo taken maybe 1920s or 1930s. I love the way he has a jacket, cardigan and waistcoat on while she is dressed much more lightly!


Breckland Jane
24-09-11, 15:24
Thank you Anne. I was hoping for a date a little earlier, perhaps between 1915 and 1919.

Yes, he does seem a bit "wrapped up", especially as it looks like a nice sunny day!


Tom Tom
24-09-11, 20:56
I would have said anywhere from the end of WWI to 1935.

I think they are 50s-60s.