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Jan B
17-09-11, 17:14
Hi, I found this birth record on familysearch site. It doesn't give the name of the little girl. Could someone please look up on Worldwide Ancestry on one of the USA census after 1913, to see what her name is.
Also the rest of the families information would be good too please.

Name: Rasor
Event: Birth Event
Date: 31 May 1913
Event Place: Miami, Roberts, Texas
Gender: Female
Father: J Frank Rasor
Mother: Hattie Hurn
Certificate Number: 16807
Digital Folder Number: 4140410
Image Number: 00644

A bit more info - the mother's full name was Harriet Augusta RASOR - but known as Hattie.
Hattie was born approx 1874 probably in Texas, as that is where she died in 1964.
Hattie and Frank had the following children;-

Laura Bess RASOR
Arlene RASOR
Harold Hurn RASOR
Mary Dell RASOR

Don't know the birth dates of the children, but Hattie and Frank married on
20th Dec 1899, at Clay County, Texas, USA.

I'm trying to find out which of their daughters is the birth record above.
That's all the info I know about them.

I might be going out soon, so I will get back to the computer as soon as I can.


Elaine ..Spain
17-09-11, 17:19
Household in the US 1920 census

J F Rasor 49
Hattie Rasor 46
Laura Bess Rasor 18
Arline Rasor 17
Robert Rasor 15
Boaz Rasor 13
Harold H Rasor 10
Mary Adell Rasor 8

- so the birth you have looks as if it is for Mary.

Available on Family Search

Jan B
17-09-11, 17:25
Hi Elaine, Thanks very much for looking for me. Duh - can't believe I didn't look at familysearch! I've been too busy looking at the births and deaths on there, and overlooked that the census info is on there too! :)