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Mike Fisher
13-09-11, 13:51
Hi All

Can anyone find this chap for me in 1891 ? (or 1851)

John Turley FISHER (1822-25 Jan 1892)
bapt 01 Sep 1822 in Christ Church,Oldbury,WOR son of William, boatman
died 25 Jan 1892 in 8 Hartington Rd,Lozells,Birmingham 6d 265 age 69
married 25 Dec 1845 in Walsgrave on Sowe,WAR to Ann Hill and had 4 children:
William Fisher (1847)
Thomas Fisher (1848)
John Turley Fisher (Q3 1858)
Jane Fisher (1860)

1841 in Spon Lane,West Bromwich,STS 18 boatman n
1861 in 87/5 Branston St,Birmingham,WAR head m 38 coal dealer Oldbury,WOR RG9/2165/090/144
1871 in 88 Branston St,Birmingham,WAR head m 48 coal dealer Oldbury,STS RG10/3128/075/185
1881 in 88 Branston St,Birmingham,WAR head m 58 coal dealer Oldbury,STS RG11/3004/???/242

will 22 Feb 1892 (John Turley of 8 Hartington Road Lozells Birmingham retired coal merchant died 25 January 1892 probate Birmingham 22 February to Arthur James Norton draper Effects £2640 0s 3d resworn May 1892 £2760 0s 3d) in Birmingham (not bad for son of a boatman!! )

He does not appear to be at his death or 1881 address.

13-09-11, 18:08

do you know why there is a ten yr gap between William/Thomas and the younger two children?

Mike Fisher
13-09-11, 19:36
I had noticed but don't know why as I can't find the family in the 1851 census too!!

13-09-11, 20:20
Mmmm you not on your own Mike, I can't see them either, not unless he was previously married and the two elder ones are from that marriage? though it doesnt help you find them in 51.

Elaine ..Spain
13-09-11, 20:35
I'm not having much luck either.

13-09-11, 20:41
I think I have found William Fisher in 1851. Was Joseph Hill Anns father??


Source Citation: Class: HO107; Piece: 2066; Folio: 593; Page: 15; GSU roll: 87326-87328.

14-09-11, 13:23
having looked I still can't find a trace of them except william in 1851 praps they were on a boat somewhere?

Mike Fisher
16-09-11, 07:39
Hi There

Sorry about delay in replying , my wife organised my life for a couple of days!!!

Yes I have had William as per 1851 census since 2008 bapt at St Lawrence Foleshill.
I can't seem to find the next son Thomas bapt St Lawrence 27 Aug 1848 in the 1851 census but have him in the 1861/71 censuses.

Mike Fisher
16-09-11, 09:37
In Birmingham Post Office Directory 1855 he is a coal dealer in Branston Street.
& then on till Kelly's 1888

16-09-11, 10:31
so it is possible then, that from 48-55 he was on a boat? (possibly the Coventry Canal, thats the first one that springs to mind in that area!)

16-09-11, 13:13
There should still be a census entry for him as they covered boats too.

16-09-11, 13:29
There should still be a census entry for him as they covered boats too.

yep, I know they did, but I have looked and can't see him/them