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Val wish Id never started
11-09-11, 14:11
I am trying to find the passenger list for The Gipsy Bride that sailed from England to Australia in 1854 arriving in 1855
The Corona from England to Australia in 1869
Have looked through the links that have been given me but still not had any luck.
Would appreciate any help.

Christine in Herts
11-09-11, 14:20
So the places which have already been suggested (on your previous thread) are:

Emigration and Immigration page in the reference library - click here (http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/305-Emigration-and-Immigration)
http://www.searchforancestors.com/lo...passenger.html (http://www.searchforancestors.com/locality/australia/passenger.html)

It may be that your target list is not available online - or not yet. I suspect that it would be worth going back to all those links from time to time, to see if any additional information has been added.

In the meantime, at least people won't be listing information you already have.


11-09-11, 14:23
Val, there are some entries on Ancestry for the Gipsy Bride

All Victoria, Australia, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, 1839–1923

if you type Gipsy Bride into the vessel Name it brings up some names

there are also some for the Corona(1869) on the same collection

Val wish Id never started
11-09-11, 14:26
I found quite a bit about the Gipsy Bride but not the passenger lists? thought maybe I was doing something wrong ? have googled too.
I dont have any info just the Ancestry reg for The Gipsy Bride which just gives the year no passenger list attached.
I only found the Corona while googling the person, as somebody else has the person I am looking for in their tree ,and they have that Ship name and year.

11-09-11, 14:29
if you want me to look through the collection for you...pm me the info and I'll see if I can find it for you ...

Val wish Id never started
11-09-11, 14:46
how lovely to see you Raven and thanks for the info but I have just trawled through all 464 for the Gipsy Bride and they arent there???
Just about to do the same with the Corona thanks again.

11-09-11, 14:54
NP Val.... nice to see you too...

sorry your efforts weren't fruitful

Val wish Id never started
11-09-11, 14:56
I was really hoping to find at least the Gipsy Bride passenger list as I want to know who and where they went to when they arrived.
Thanks again.

Uncle John
11-09-11, 19:38
The Gipsy Bride was owned by the Black Ball Line (or possibly the Eagle Line) of Liverpool, so there may be relevant information at Liverpool Maritime Museum. I don't know who owned the Corona but again it's worth enquiring at the maritime museum. The vast majority of sailings to Australia were from Liverpool.

Val wish Id never started
11-09-11, 20:09
thanks very much Uncle John going to email them

Mary from Italy
11-09-11, 22:32
It doesn't look as though the Gipsy Bride passenger list is online yet, but the names are transcribed on the Victoria site, which explains how to get passenger lists (you'll need to do it through a local agent):

12-09-11, 08:37
The same for the Corona

The newspaper report of the Corona's arrival reports only steerage passengers, which are not usually named individually in the papers. But as assisted migrants they will have good records from the Immigration Agents.

Val wish Id never started
12-09-11, 10:33
Thanks for that link Christine I have found three of one family on the Gipsy Bride which is what I found on Ancestry too ,and another one going out later in 1858 which is puzzling as she was only 9 ?? not sure if the people with the same surname are anything to do with her ?? so thats my job for today, also found one of my families on the Corona which confirms what I wondered, but not the one I really would like to find ,Frederick Knight born Bermondsey 1923 according to his Death Cert in 1911 he lived in Australia for 42 years.
Thanks for helping Diane but that link doesn't work for me , and mine were unassisted passages.

13-09-11, 08:56
it's really hard to find any information on unassisted passengers to australia. especially victoria. i've never had luck pre 1852.