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Liz from Lancs
10-09-11, 11:29
My James Prockter Harding b1850-1911 turns out to have been a choirmaster and hymn writer in a small way. Check him out under H. Another website has the music and words of his main hymn.

Always worth revisiting names and just googling...:). In case of interest, here is the blurb at the beginning of the website.


The Enchiridion Index of Biographies

(A number of Obituaries have been included for individuals who do not figure in the main Biographical section of this Enchiridion. Many of these are of Congregational ministers for whom an obituary was printed in the Annual Year Book of the Congregational Union of England and Wales. If a name being sought does not appear in the main A-Z Index, try the Obituaries list.)
For this Biographical Section of the Enchiridion, the editor acknowledges the careful and detailed contributions of Dr Bernard Massey, who was for many years the Editor of the Bulletin of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland. The individual dates and places of birth and death given herein, together with most of the biographical notes on Composers, are directly dependent on the work which he carried out for the United Reformed Church in the preparation of the hymn-book Rejoice and Sing (1991) and its Companion (1999).