View Full Version : Record Office: abt 1817 William Jakes marriage in Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire to Hannah

28-08-11, 17:48
I should be grateful if you would do a lookup please.
My ggg Grandfather William Jakes born about 1791 Abbotsley.
1841 living Abbotsley Village, Wm Jakins 50, AgLab, Hannah 45, Mary 15, James 10, Ann 5.
1844 William died aged 53

I cannot find a marriage to Hannah who was born Biggleswade, Bedfordshire about 1796.

I suppose the marriage was about 1817 when Hannah was aged 21.
The couple and their family lived Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire.

15-09-11, 18:59
Hi ParkTown,

what about this??


15-09-11, 20:28
as a side note, on the 1841 census of Abbotsley.. it states that William & Hannah were NOT born in county, but the children (Mary, James & Ann) were.


15-09-11, 20:54
You're 'aving a larf.
Sorry I couldn't resist that. Yeah it's a pos. Thanks Julie.

I did spot that county business, but thanks ever so for pointing it out.
I think it comes about coz they lived on the county border - and they kept moving the goal posts, sorry, I mean they kept moving the county boundary line. One minute they are in Bedfordshire, then next in Huntingdonshire, and then Cambridgeshire. Grrhh.
William was bap Church End, Abbotsley, Huntingdonshire

15-09-11, 22:05
Oh yes, deffo PT.. moving the boundaries that is, bit like Staffs/warks etc.. :smilee: