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09-08-11, 23:09
Ann Remnance born about 1812 (that's my spelling as a compromise between Remnant, Remnants, Remblance, Rembrance, etc etc - this was before anyone in this family was literate!)

I am trying to join her up with suspected siblings or cousins.
ie the children of Charles and Phoebe Remnance (again, my spelling)
Emily 1802 Ditchingham
Charlotte 1804 Woodton
Edward 1806 Woodton

Censuses say she was born at Ditchingham but Charles and Phoebe are found at Paston in the 1841 Census, so maybe she was baptised at Paston, as there seems to be no sign of later baptisms in the family in the D & W area. She was married at Broome in 1833. For anyone unfamiliar with Norfolk, D, W and B are all close together, near Bungay, well south of Norwich and quite a way from Paston.

Would someone be willing to look for her baptism, please, at Paston in particular, but the neighbouring villages might yield a result if that doesn't?

21-08-11, 14:00
I am going to Norwich RO in September so will look for you then unless someone else is going beforehand.

22-08-11, 14:15
That would be wonderful. Thanks in advance.

24-09-11, 12:01
I visited Norwich RO last week but no results I'm afraid.
I did quite a wide search as my 3xGGrandfather was born Bacton and was looking for his father's and mother's birth in all those parishes around Bacton. These are not on LDS site:
Paston, Mundesley, Bacton, Edingthorpe, Trunch, Knapton, Scottow, Southrepps, Horning, Barton Turf and Bradfield.
Edingthorpe has some baptism records missing between 1735 - 1812. You can bet your bottom dollar yours and mine are there! I managed to find another brother for my 3xGGrandfather at Bacton but that was all :(

I photographed a few more churches in the area too which I am going to put up on POW section if that is of interest.

24-09-11, 19:12
Norfolk BTs are on the pilot site.
Rather time consuming but they are in alphabetical order.

https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.3.1/TH-1-14264-29554-97?cc=1823613&wc=9020182#uri=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.familysearch.org% 2Frecords%2Fwaypoint%2F9019202

24-09-11, 21:13
Thanks for that Moggie.
Have looked through for some 1812 -1813 baps for Col48 but cannot find hers. Mine are missing 1754- 58 - typical! Don't think I will find anymore on my line now:(

25-09-11, 18:55
Kat and maudarby

Thanks for both your efforts on my behalf. It's much appreciated.

If every enquiry turned up gold it would be too easy!