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06-08-11, 06:21
I hope someone can do a lookup for me on a William Hammond from Pakenham William was born abt 1794 and died 1860 he married Sophia Simper @ Ixworth, I think. I would like to find his parents if possible. Any help would be much appreciated. Ron;)

06-08-11, 18:31
There are two possible William Hammond births indexed on FamilySearch:
William Hammond, christened 1 Aug 1796, Suffolk, England

William Hammond, born 25 Jul 1798, Parish of Cavendish, Suffolk, England

didn't see a marriage between William and Sophia on FamilySearch

07-08-11, 01:15
Thank you for the information on William Hammond. The William christened in 1796 would be the one i am chasing as in the 1841 census he was listed as 45. Information on his parents would be much appreciated if that is possible. Many thanks Ron.

07-08-11, 06:53
Hi, Ron -
Just trying to be certain I understand your request -
You'd like a copy of the William Hammond christening? Or are you looking for research advice? If it's the latter, I think you would get more responses posting the question in the Research & Advice section.

I'm not certain this is the William Hammond that you are looking for. The index is from the Sudbury, Suffolk Bishop's transcript. Are you certain he was from Pakenham, or did he move there from Sudbury?

William Hammond's parents in the 1796 baptism are listed as William Hammond and Sutsey Hammond.

Interestingly, there is a Solomon Hammond, born Pakenham, christened 15 Aug 1830, parents William and Sophy Hammond
Additionally, same parents, same location:
Eliza Hammond, Christened 19 Mar 1838
Walter Hammond, christened 11 Mar 1832
Sophy Hammond, christened 20 Feb 1825
Walter Hammond, christened 15 Sep 1927

These are from www.familysearch.org - a free website with many records online, either indexed or the actual record!

Happy hunting

07-08-11, 21:57
don't forget that ages in 1841 were sometimes rounded down to the nearest round number.... so someone that is stated as 30 on the 41 census could possibly be 33 or 31/32/.

08-08-11, 02:45
Hi Sarah
No i am not sure that William was born in Pakenham. His son Alfred on his death cert. showed he was from pakenham,Alfred christened 01 Dec 1822. Williams marriage is taken from BTS Ixworth. But i feel pretty sure that this is the William i am looking for. Could you please lookup William's Parents William & Sutsey for me. Thanks for your time and patience. Cheers Ron

08-08-11, 04:47
Ok, Ron - you really are talking about a lookup, so this does belong in the research request section (admin fairy, could you return it from whence it came?)

I'm concerned that this isn't necessarily the baptismal record of your ancestor, but that's for you to judge. Do you have the marriage record of William & Sophia? It is indexed on ancestry? Does the marriage record give his father's name? You're aware of the family tree on Ancestry with them in it?

As for the baptismal record, it's a matter of someone visiting the RO, or you could order the film to your local Family History Center.

08-08-11, 08:40
have moved it back for you Ron.

08-08-11, 18:08
Hi Ron
Glen, Oakum Picker regularly visits Ipswich and Loestoft record offices. Click here for the thread:

08-08-11, 19:20
I think his last entry says he's out for surgery

16-02-12, 17:10
The Parish Register you are looking for would be at Bury St. Edmunds... Not Ipswich or Lowestoft...