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28-07-11, 17:03
I'm on holiday just outside Stornoway for the next week or so - I plan to get to the library next Weds/Thurs for my own research.
If I can help anyone whilst I'm there I'd be glad to do so.

If you think I can help, please tell me all you know and what you would like to find out.

I will have to be quite ruthless about what I can look for due to time constraints, so please:

1) if you don't know which village your people were from, never mind the parish, then I'm afraid I can't help at all. If you know actual addresses, such as "25 Swordale" then I'm much more likely to be able to help.

2) Please give all female surnames as maiden names.

3) I can search the 'Stornoway Gazette' if you can give me a name and a date correct to within about 3 months.

First come, first served!

02-08-11, 16:49
Sorry I can't be of help to anyone, but I go to the library tomorrow and won't be able to check this thread again.
Never mind...I'll enjoy myself! :)

01-07-12, 16:14
I'm going to be back in Lewis again this summer - you've got until the end of July to post any requests.
Hope I can be of help to someone!

12-09-12, 15:29
i know i am too late! but if you decide to go to stornoway again can you please let me know i have loads to do on my stornoway lineage, with thanks x

17-09-12, 21:06
I'll post here before I go back - I generally go to Lewis each summer.
In the meantime, which village(s) were your family from?