View Full Version : confused about hospital in endell st, holborn 1801

16-07-11, 12:23
i have an ancestor born in the hospital in endell st, holborn in 1801. the registers are on the non con site, their were 2 images, and i had previously downloaded only 1. it had the date of birth and christening, and parents names.

well today i decided to get the other image, which turned out to be the admission register. in order to give birth at this hospital, you had to be 'recommended'. the register said the person who recommended my ancestor was 'portland'. the only other entry on the page that had one word was above this line. im not sure what it said, it was a bit difficult.

so the person who recommended my ancestor was 'portland'. am i to assume this could be the duke of portland? that my ancestor may have been a servant of his household? or maybe her husband made his shoes haha. in all seriousness, why wasn't there a first name or initial like on every other entry?

16-07-11, 13:37
http://yourarchives.nationalarchives.gov.uk/index.php?title=The_British_Lying_in_Hospital%2C_H olborn It says here that the parish of settlement must be added by the name so is Portland a placename

I googled Hospital Endsell St Holborn and got lots of hits so check it out for a clue.


16-07-11, 14:03
the parish of settlement was st giles, they were in that area in 1817 when they had 3 kids christened at once. the person who recommended them was portland. i can only think it was someone of importance, and thats why they didnt need a whole name.