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Kate P
12-07-11, 16:40
Hope this helps someone. On Amazon, FTM 2010 World (PC), via Avanquest Software, £25 plus £3.29 delivery - that's six months Ancestry World for under £30 ;D Mine arrived today, 48hrs, and I've dealt with the company direct before. I do get fairly frequent advertising emails from them, but at that price it's worth it.


12-07-11, 20:16
That's what I call a bargain!

12-07-11, 20:31
Thanks for that just ordered it dam good value for £29

13-07-11, 11:33
Thanks my Ancestry ran out 9 days ago, and I'm already struggling without it, so have ordered this!

Val wish Id never started
13-07-11, 14:59
have you got a ,link as I cannot find it on Amazon ?? thanks

Val wish Id never started
13-07-11, 15:18
found it thanks

13-07-11, 16:12
Thank you so much my sub ran out in May - just ordered 2 to keep me going for the next year -

Val wish Id never started
13-07-11, 22:13
why didn't I order two ??:question:

13-07-11, 22:32
You can order another I think - they added two lots of postage so it'll be the same.

Val wish Id never started
13-07-11, 22:53
so reasonable but wonder if there is a time limit on how long before you register it?? As I have my sub running till next year ?

Matt Muir
13-07-11, 23:05
Nice one Kate. My half price sub from the FTM 2011 runs out at the end of the month. As its my B/day on the 28th my OH has just bought me 2. I'll tell her later.
Rgds Matt

14-07-11, 10:42
Mine came this morning ,,so quick turn around for it ;;

14-07-11, 12:46
Hello - just to clarify - when I look at the boxes for FTM on Ancestry, it looks like the 2011 Platinum for £36 has 6 months Ancestry membership while the Deluxe version has 3 months Ancestry for £25. There's no mention of what type of Ancestry membership you're getting.......................or am I just being thick?

Val wish Id never started
14-07-11, 14:16
this is the link you want go to the bit where it says the one for £25

14-07-11, 15:20
I looked on the picture of the box and it had 6 months World - so fingers crossed.

Kate P
14-07-11, 17:27
Just to update everyone, this now appears to have sold out! Looks like we took all their stock!

Val wish Id never started
15-07-11, 12:38
got both of mine today

Heather Positive Thinker
15-07-11, 13:18
doh, missed out on this one :( Mind you I have the world sub at the moment from last years avanquest offer and tbh I dont actually use any of the world info. Ive got another FTM when this one runs out for just the premium sub.

Val wish Id never started
15-07-11, 13:29
there was a used one for sale Heather it says opened but not used comes with all the stuff and it was cheaper.

Elaine ..Spain
15-07-11, 13:29
Is anyone paying a full price for an Ancestry sub any longer! :rotfl:

Val wish Id never started
15-07-11, 17:31
do hope not Elaine as even with a discount its expensive.

Jean and Tonic
17-07-11, 00:17
Just renewed... 10th July... Premier for the price of Essential .... oh well !! it's only money!!!

17-07-11, 10:24
I have 12 days left and just missed out on the above - where do I go next? Is there any hope:(

17-07-11, 11:56
Amazon are selling FTM 2011 with 6 months Premium Ancestry for £35.99 here:

Heather Positive Thinker
18-07-11, 00:14
there was a used one for sale Heather it says opened but not used comes with all the stuff and it was cheaper.

Thanks for bringing that to my notice Val. Although I dont use the world bit much, its handy to have and Ive just bought that one for £19.99.

Val wish Id never started
18-07-11, 12:26
let me know when it comes Heather be interested in the condition of it ?

19-07-11, 21:52
Just checked Tesco rewards..

for £19.00 Reward voucher you get Family tree maker and 6 months Essentials membership and for £35.00 Reward Voucher you get FTM and 6 months World membership.


Heather Positive Thinker
20-07-11, 15:53
Hi Val, the FTM World came today - nicely packed - there are what, 4? separate boxes with discs in for various things. It all looks kosher. I assume they havent taken up the sub though :) Not sure how I can make sure that the world sub is valid really. If I load the disc and click on activate sub would that confirm it I wonder?

Elaine ..Spain
20-07-11, 17:00
Heather, you would need to load the disc and activate the Ancestry subscription to find out. It will just be added on to the end of your existing sub, but if you are not currently on a world subscription then it could be a bit complicated!

Val wish Id never started
20-07-11, 17:29
Heather she wouldn't be allowed to sell it as worlwide for 6 months free if she had already activated it ? so I would defintely try it as you can send it back if not .

Heather Positive Thinker
20-07-11, 23:21
Will it tag on? When I tried to add the current world sub before my last premium sub ran out it rejected it, said I had to wait til the end of the first one. Oh, Ill have a go now anyway and let you know what happens.

Well Ive loaded it and Ive clicked on help and activate sub. It asks for my user name and password, did that, clicked and Im getting a message saying you have now registered your software telephone xxxxxxxxxxxx to activate your ancestry sub????

Elaine ..Spain
21-07-11, 06:51
It will only tag on if you are using the same subscription. For example if you currently have the UK Premium and want to add 6 months of UK premium on to it, it will tag without problem.
However, if you are currently using UK Premium and you try to tag on 6 month's worldwide subscription then you will have a problem. You will need to wait until one has totally finished before adding the next.

With regards to activating the Ancestry subscription, providing it is the same as you are using (as explained in the first couple of sentences) then you should be able to activate it by going to HELP --> ACTIVATE ANCESTRY SUBSCRIPTION

Val wish Id never started
21-07-11, 11:39
oh dear Heather hope I haven't caused you problems ? maybe if you ring them they can sort it out and give you a later date for your sub to end ?? like in another 6 months time.

Heather Positive Thinker
21-07-11, 17:30
Elaine, I already have the world sub on there that we got on the last cheapo offer :) it runs til November. And I did as you have said, Help, activate sub and then I got the boxes asking for my user name and password and then asking if they should keep those and then - as above, contact ancestry. :(

Val, Im sure it will be sorted, its not your fault whatsoever :) x

Elaine ..Spain
21-07-11, 17:32
Then you should have no problem adding the freebie that you have just received. What happens when you click on HELP --> ACTIVATE ANCESTRY SUBSCRIPTION

Heather Positive Thinker
21-07-11, 18:26
I get a box up saying activate subscription (with a smaller phrase "activate later" next to it.)

I click on activate subscription and I get a box up asking for me to log in with my user name and password, which I do

I then get a box saying thank you, would you like ancestry to save your login info. I say yes and continue. And then I get the above message asking me to phone the 0800 number to activate my sub

Do you think I ought to remove the old 2010 world program on my puter first? May be its conflicting with the new one?

Elaine ..Spain
21-07-11, 18:37
I don't think the old program is conflicting with the new one Heather. I've installed 2009/2010/2011 versions without removing previous ones.
To be honest I would contact them via the freephone number.
Not sure you should say that you have purchased a "second hand" package, that is from a private seller - but I am sure you can waffle your way around it! ;)

Heather Positive Thinker
21-07-11, 19:04
Cant remember - should there be a code number in the box or anything? Re the program Elaine, its not a different year though, its a 2010 same as the one already on here, if you follow.

Ive contacted the seller who says they definitely havent activated it before.

Elaine ..Spain
21-07-11, 19:21
There doesn't appear to be code numbers on the box any more Heather.
The freebie subscription seems to be built into the program, so that when you register the program (which I presume you have done with the new installation) it automatically realises/records that there is a free sub to be activated as well.

Heather Positive Thinker
21-07-11, 20:15
No joy. I think I may remove both ? 2010 programs and try reloading the new one to see if that helps. Not now though, Im worn out tonight.

Thanks for trying to help.

Heather Positive Thinker
25-07-11, 12:03
Well, removed and then reinstalled new program but still no joy so I rang ancestry as directed. The girl said they cant add on the new 6 month sub until the other one is ending and to ring them back in November. I did ask her that there was no problem with this program which someone "gave to me as a present" :) but she assured me there wasnt and they will activate the 6 months in November

Val wish Id never started
25-07-11, 15:08
thank goodness Heather