View Full Version : Is it likely a married woman would say single?

Val wish Id never started
05-07-11, 19:52
I am looking for somebody in the census records and think I may have found her but she is saying single and employed as a servant her husband is elsewhere on the same census year would she have lied to get the job maybe ?

05-07-11, 20:15
Quite possibly.
I remember my great gran b 1908 was in service, once she married she had to leave.

Val wish Id never started
05-07-11, 21:01
thanks Jayne I did wonder if that was the case

Anne in Carlisle
06-07-11, 10:57
It may not have been her who filled in the form - perhaps her employer just didn't know she was married? On the other hand the ennumerator may have just filled in Single for all servants by mistake.


Val wish Id never started
06-07-11, 11:39
hadn't thought of that thanks Anne