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Mike Fisher
24-06-11, 22:58
As the new Militia record are on line I thought I would look for my wife's JACKS ancertors in Salop.

It came up with a Charles JACKS not birth date born Shrewsbury.
On looking at the documents it show he was born in Worthen where the rest of my wife's lot were born.

Can anyone find a birth entry or a census entry for him, please

24-06-11, 23:57
there are two Mike.

Charles Jacks
1891 census b 1843 Worthen, Shropshire, wife Mary b Castle Caeison, Montgomeryshire 1841
RG12; Piece: 2111; Folio 44; Page 12 (b1843) Carpenter and Grocer

1871 RG10; Piece: 2772; Folio: 60; Page: 21 (b 1846) lodger - wheelwright

1891 census b 1863 Worthen, Shropshire, wife Susannah b Gloucestershire 1849 ?? with son Thomas Jacks 11 months
W (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1891&indiv=try&h=16827615)ill just check the image on that. ------I think that is 22 not 42 yrs old!

1871 WALES RG10; Piece: 5621; Folio: 80; Page: 12; with father James Jacks b1823 Worthen, farmer - no mother.
James Jacks (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1871wales&indiv=try&h=27279285) 48
David Jacks (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1871wales&indiv=try&h=27279286) 10
Charles Jacks (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1871wales&indiv=try&h=27279287) 8
Thomas Jacks (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1871wales&indiv=try&h=27279288) 6
Minnie Jacks (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1871wales&indiv=try&h=27279289) 3


25-06-11, 00:18
Charles Jacks
Jul-Aug-Sep 1862
11b 232

Can't see one for the 1843/46 birth. the reg district from 1837 - 1870 for Worthen was Montgomery.

Mike Fisher
25-06-11, 06:41
Where is he in the 1861/51 census ? as I read the document he was 18y and 11m in 1867

Mike Fisher
25-06-11, 19:49
I think I have him in the 1901 census in Birmingham (where my wife's Jacks ancestors are)
age 53 born Shropshire with wife Louisa age 50 and children Thomas & Rosa.
In 1911 in Birmingham age 48 wife Louisa age 64 and Thomas & Rosa.

Mike Fisher
25-06-11, 19:59
found him in 1891 in Birmingham 28 with wife Susannah age 42 and son Thomas.
Found a marriage 1889 in Aston Birmingham to Louisa Rogers I imagine.

Am I on the right track ?

25-06-11, 23:31
Sorry Mike but I don't know where I am. You haven't commented on the records that I have already found or are you ignoring those? In your first post you said no birthdate and then in post #4 you put 'as I read the document he was 18y and 11m in 1867. '
It might be a good idea to say what info you do have and then we will know in which direction to go.
Can you sort out the facts from the document and put the details here. Where did you get the document from? Is there an image online we can look at?

Edited. It's OK I found the records on findmypast.
So he was born c1848 - it's a better starting point!
Will check it out.

26-06-11, 02:06
found him in 1891 in Birmingham 28 with wife Susannah age 42 and son Thomas.
Found a marriage 1889 in Aston Birmingham to Louisa Rogers I imagine.

Am I on the right track ?

There is something wrong about this. If Susannah is on the 1891 census I can't see how he can be married to Louisa in 1889. Louisa is with him on the 1901 census tho'. Images clearly show that Susannah was b in Gloucestershire and Louisa b in Glasgow so they are not the same person. Too tired to get my head round this tonight . Will have another look in the morning,
I have all his other census records etc.

Mike Fisher
26-06-11, 06:43
The Charles Jacks in Birmingham is in the electoral rolls up to 1930 and he dies in 1932 age 70 according to the GRO index, giving a birth date of 1962 in Shropshire, she he is not the one the document is referring to.

27-06-11, 01:28
His Attestation papers show:
Born 1845 Worthen. (from age at enlistment on 19 March 1867 given as 21 yrs 7 months).
At that date he was living Pontesbury but in the previous year lived in Minsterley.
He was a Wheelwright.

Looking for a birth I can only find one
Charles Jacks
Dec 1844
26 526
There is a notation for this, "The page number is not within the range expected for the district."ie there has been a bit of a mix up! I think it should have been Montgomery not Haverfordwest.

1851 census HO107; Piece: 1991; Folio: 5; Page: 2; Minsterley
b 1843 Parents John and Mary Jacks. John is a wheelwright

1867 enlists in Militia - living Pontesbury, as are his parents from 1861 to 1891. Charles is not with his parents in 1861

1871 RG10; Piece: 2772; Folio: 60; Page: 21 St Julian, Shrewsbury boarder with Thomas and Mary Bould + family.
b 1846 wheelwright.

1881 RG11; Piece: 2643; Folio: 13; Page: 17 Pontesbury
b 1846 Westbury, Wheelwright - with parents John and Mary

Marriage Dec 1889









1891 RG12; Piece: 2111; Folio 44; Page 12; St Julian, Shrewsbury
Married to Mary (Bould) - see 1871 -with step children, Thomas and Fanny
Carpenter and Grocer - probably Mary's ex husbands business?
b 1843 Worthen, Shropshire

Can't find them on 1901 census
Cannot find any baptism for Charles.
Cannot find marriage for parents John and Mary either to get any further back..
IGI, FreeREG and parish records on findmypast.

Mike Fisher
28-06-11, 09:10
With regards to Haverfordwest Jacks births, there appears to have been a Jacks birth recorded approximately every two years from the start of civil registration up to the 1915 Ancestry changeover , 66 recorded. During the same period there are 11 marriages & 40 deaths.

I am not sure of the location of Worthen with regards to the changing English-Welsh boarder over the 1800's

from Genuki:-
Registration County : Pembrokeshire.
Created : 1.7.1837.
Sub-districts : Cemaes, Fishguard, Haverfordwest, Haverfordwest & Milford Haven, Milford, Milford Haven, Narberth, St. Davids.
GRO volumes : XXVI (1837–51), 11a (1852–1946), 8C (1946–74).