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Chrissie Smiff
21-06-11, 19:51
I understand that you can now find out who is at a certain address on Ancestry but I'm confused how. Can someone help please?

I want to know who was living at 7 Victoria Street - Hucknall - Nottingham.
What do I do?

Chrissie Smiff
21-06-11, 19:58
Sorry, I have to dash away, so not ignoring any replies.

Val wish Id never started
21-06-11, 20:19
have pmd you

Chrissie Smiff
21-06-11, 21:09
Thank you Val - much appreciated :)

21-06-11, 22:22
I have an Ancestry subscription and would love to know if there is an easy way to get at the info on the 1911 Census.

alan 128
22-06-11, 08:48
I do not think there is at the moment, we will have to wait till they finish indexing it, i believe what is up now is the first stage of it.


Elaine ..Spain
22-06-11, 09:15
If you can find them in the 1911 census summary books on Ancestry then you should be able to find the image.

Go the Ancestry - 1911 census summary books

- do a search. You might find it useful to initially do a free search on the 1911 census official website (http://www.1911census.co.uk/) to find the registration district where they are living - it does help narrow down the search a bit on the summary books.

Make a note of :
Household schedule number:
Civil parish:
ED, institution, or vessel:

Back to Ancestry 1911 census

In drop down box on right
select County
select Civil parish
select Enumeration District

Images will then appear - and in the box at the top right where it says page 1 of xxx, you enter the Household schedule number but you double it, therefore if your original household schedulre number was 24, then you double it and look at page 48 in the images. If you don't score a direct hit then just go back one image or forward one image - you will find that you are roughly in the right place.

Extremely long winded until Ancestry get their act together and get it indexed.

22-06-11, 11:22
Thank you very much Elaine. As you say longwinded but the tip to use the 1911 site should help quite a bit.