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21-06-11, 10:45
I'm looking for the birth record for Margaret Davis or O'donnell born in 1913. I have her baptism record dated 5th July 1913 in Buncara, Donegal, Irleland. She had an older brother Michael born 16th April 1910 (have cert.) also in Buncrana. Their mother was Catherine Davis who married Charles O'donnell in St. Eugen RC Cathedral, Derry on 27th Jnauary 1916. I do not know if Charles is the father of Margaret (or Michael), Charles & Catherine and Margaret came over to Scotland while she was a very young child. It is possible that she was born somewhere else in the Uk Could someone please have a look for me? I have searched the Scottish & Irish records but no joy.

Chrissie Smiff
21-06-11, 12:03
There are a few Margaret Davis birth with mmn Davis around, but not in, 1913. The nearest would be if she wasn't registered until the next quarter and then her mother went over to Ireland - Jan-March 1914 Scarborough 9d 730. It all sounds like a lot of moving about though.

21-06-11, 15:19
Your probably correct. Thanks for the help.