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21-06-11, 10:28
Just being nosy really but does anyone have any ideas as to why there would be a need to formally correct the marriage entry for bride's age at marriage & bride's father's name 15 years after the event?
The marriage was between Margaret Roberts & James Cahill at St Nicholas Liverpool on 5 May 1907 & the record entry was corrected by a note in the margin in the presence of the Superintendant Registrar, the bride & another witness in December 1922. The correction gives her age at marriage as 30 (previously 23) & her father's name as John Roberts (previously John Robert McKenzie). Given the registrar's involvement I would imagine that the Record Office marriage entry has also been amended but I have not ordered the certificate as I don't believe it will give me any further information.
The Marriage Register entry is at this link on Ancestry:
Clearly the original entry was incorrect, but I expect the age was deliberately understated as Margaret was several years older than her husband, & the father's name seems to have been just a simple error. I'm not sure, though, how any of this would have come to light all those years later unless Margaret herself had a fit of conscience & reported it! Or perhaps the marriage certificate was needed to obtain some kind of pension or welfare benefit?
Incidentally, I have found Margaret on the 1911 census living with her mother & family in Litherland Lancashire, though don't have the reference to hand, also the following
1901 census (Class: RG13; Piece: 3443; Folio: 45; Page: 32.),
1891 (Class: RG12; Piece: 2986; Folio 15; Page 23)
& 1881 Wales Census (Class: RG11; Piece: 5551; Folio: 41; Page: 75)
I believe she was born in Llysfaen, North Wales in 1877/78. She was previously married to Charles John McKenzie ( a German subject born in the US according to the 1901 census) & that marriage took place at St Thomas's Church Seaforth, on 1 March 1901 & is also on Ancestry Liverpool Parish Records Collection. I have been unable to find any trace of Charles John McKenzie, living or dead, after the 1901 census entry.
Any ideas as to the reason for the belated correction in the PR, or indeed the whereabouts of Charles John McKenzie after 1901 would be gratefully received!
Many thanks

Chris in Sussex
21-06-11, 10:47
I think you could be right with regard to a pension.

However she would have been looking to the future as the Old-Age Pensions Act 1908 allowed for pensions to be paid at age 70 and she was some way off that!



21-06-11, 10:55
Thanks Chris, that's very interesting!

21-06-11, 14:30
On the register it says Margaret was a widow so a death record is needed for first husband, unless she was fibbing! It's likely the registrar made a mistake in entering her father'sname with a surname the same as hers at the time.
When did second husband die? maybe she was claiming widows pension and had to show her age at marriage matched her birth cert.

21-06-11, 14:37
Perhaps Charles died at sea but looking on FMP the database only covers deaths at sea for British Nationals so no help there. Perhaps he went back to the US and died there.

21-06-11, 17:38
Thanks Margaret, that's a really good suggestion that Charles may have died at sea, as his occupation is shown as Able Seaman. He may have disappeared back to sea, to America or to Germany & it's also possible he was born with a more German name which he changed to McKenzie. I'll keep looking, though the words needle & haystack spring to mind!
As to James Cahill, I have no idea when he died although I have found a possible death in the right area in 1927. Maybe Margaret was just planning ahead, lol! Unfortunately they were not together on the 1911 census so I don't know his place of birth.
Thanks for looking, anyway.