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Val wish Id never started
15-06-11, 13:44
I have been looking on and off for a death for a couple of years, and finally found it yesterday, the reason I did not find it earlier ???? thought she must have died by then ??? she obviously had not but lived longer than I expected.
So expect the unexpected.

15-06-11, 15:05
I completely understand that - I thought I couldn't find a death until by mistake went past my search years - she died aged 106 years and I certainly didn't expect that.
Another relative was recorded as 10 years older than her age.
As you say, expect the unexpected.

Val wish Id never started
15-06-11, 15:28
blimey Herky thats OLD the oldest I have is 101 and she was one of the children sent by Barnados to Canada, one of her daughters lived to 99 .

Janet in Yorkshire
15-06-11, 16:01
"Expect the unexpected"

Oh how true, and not just with regard to longevity!
Check EVERY census - one of mine disappeared in 1861. Picked him up again when 1901 census was released - he'd been in Russia & Germany on census night in 1871, 81 & 91.
It took me 20 years to suss out one direct ancestress, born in 1830. Baptised as Sarah Watson, appeared in census 1841 as Sarah Kell (mother's second marriage was to Mr Kell) and also in 1851, when she lived with step-father. Sarah married in 1858, but used the name Sarah Holt, spinster (Holt was maiden name of Sarah's mother.) It was an awful job teasing that one out when working backwards. (Never would have done it without the internet and online records.)

They usually ARE there somewhere, just not where, when or named as we expect them to appear.


15-06-11, 16:16
blimey Herky thats OLD the oldest I have is 101 and she was one of the children sent by Barnados to Canada, one of her daughters lived to 99 .

Yes - my oldest, so far.
I was in The Scotlands People Centre in Edinburgh when I found her and I think everyone in the room knew of my find as I let out a little squeal of delight!:o
I had been flicking through the years and forgot to stop, not realizing that I was searching way beyond the normal age range. If I hadn't done that she would have remained unfound.
Not a direct line relative but the daughter of my great grandad's sister. Sadly she had been a widow for nearly 70 years. I just wish I had met her, what stories she could have told.

Val wish Id never started
15-06-11, 17:16
Janet they do like to test us dont they ???? Herky she must have had a wealth of knowledge ???

15-06-11, 18:04
Just to add - I was checking this rellie on my tree - she was 106 years 9 months (minus 2 days) - so nearly 107 - phew - I don't think I will make that!

Yes, they do test us these rellies - My great gran was missing for a few years until I found out she told fibs about her real name - she used it only once and that was her birth cert, which I had a devil of a job to find. All the other censuses, marriage and death certs had another name for her maiden name and the name of her father.

Little Nell
15-06-11, 18:36
Years ago when I first started this lark, I didn't have access to the censuses and the only way to find a death was to trawl through the huge ledgers at the Family Records Centre in London. I found my gt x 3 grandparents in 1841 and then my gt x 3 grandmother's death 2 years later. In my experience married couples often die within a few years of eachother. But I couldn't find gt x 3 grandfather. He had an unusual name and coupled with the handwritten ledgers I was worried I'd missed the entry.

No need to fear. I eventually found he was still around in 1851, 61 and 71 in an almshouse. He died in 1872, aged 93, of "old age". I danced around the living room when I got his death cert - and my son said "I don't know what all the fuss is about. You knew he was dead!"

15-06-11, 19:09
haha well i have researched a very difficult woman. her surname on her daughter's birth was mack. all children's births said mack. her daughters marriage, mclion. daughters death mcauliffe!! well i found a death for her with maiden name mcauliffe, mother sullivan. looking at the cert, she had married twice! well that wasnt the end of her troubles haha the husband had died years earlier, but i could not find a marriage. so i looked for the first marriage. woila! married as mack in 1853. in 1864 she has children with the 2nd husband until 1874. first husband died in the 1860's, and she remarried as mcauliffe in 1874! parents names the same on both marriages, and the death, the father's surname changed on both marriages haha. god that was a headache!

Val wish Id never started
15-06-11, 19:53
oh Nell I can quite understand you being excited I cant sleep some nights as I lie in bed thinking about what I have found that day.
Herky it seems to have been a popular pastime lying about their ages?
Kyle I hate any names starting with Mc there are so many mistransciptions.