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13-06-11, 19:22
I am trying to track down the 1911 summary entry for Sidney Fletcher Dorrell, in the hope that I can then find the census entry on Ancestry. I have found him on the 1911 census page.

Details I have:

Sidney Fletcher Dorrell, b. 1875, living in Canterbury Kent, along with
Isabel Laura Dorrell b. 1874 and
Irene Laura Dorrell b 1893.

I am interested in finding out the marriage and children details for this couple. Can anyone point me in the right direction, as I can't find any Dorrell's in Canterbury on Ancestry.



Elaine ..Spain
13-06-11, 19:40
There is a Mr. Danell living at 1o Orford Road Canterbury, one male and two females. Image looks like Darrell/Dorrell

13-06-11, 19:42
1898 Sidney Fletcher Dorrell marrried Isabel laura PIDDUCK
Reference on BMD Camberwell (http://javascript<b></b>:golink("/cgi/districts.pl?r=100450300&d=bmd_1305579022")) 1d1762 (http://javascript<b></b>:gopage(1898,4,2,'1d','1762',0))

There is an Irene Laura Dorrell on BMD, but not born until 1900
Tunbridge (http://javascript<b></b>:golink("/cgi/districts.pl?r=103636413&d=bmd_1305579022")) 2a769 (http://javascript<b></b>:gopage(1900,3,0,'2a','769',1))

Above will be the correct entry for Laura, as Sidney and Isabel are in Tonbridge on 1901 census
With them is a daughter called JANE L Dorrell age 8 months (obviously mis recorded)
States he was from Holloway, London.

Birth for Sidney
Apr 1874 - Islington, Greater London, London, Middlesex

He is on 1891 census in Lambeth with his parents and three siblings

Died 1961 sept Qtr in Bridge, kent
His wife Isabel died Sep 1967 - Canterbury, Kent, England

Bridge is a town just outside canterbury

It's possible Irene Laura Dorrell married in 1930 in the Brighton area to Percy C Cooke, as there is that marriage listed, showing Irene L Dorrell as the wife.

13-06-11, 19:50
Think you'll find the daughter was 10 not 18

13-06-11, 21:22
Thanks for your replies - that was what was confusing me, the age of the daughter and the 2 names given for her. All makes sense when it's explained!


13-06-11, 21:28
Thanks to Elaine's instructions in a previous post I have now managed to see the census entry itself, and the age is definitely 10. Easy when you know how. Thanks again to everyone.


Uncle John
13-06-11, 21:39
It really is instructive seeing the actual householder schedules. All sorts of additional information, as well as "helpful" enumerators making inspired (but wrong) assumptions about places of birth.