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Glen in Tinsel Knickers
31-05-11, 16:26
I'm trying to find a marriage between a male Goulson & female Milnes, freebmd has children born 1925 and 1934 but no record of the marriage. I can't be sure of what the forenames would be (I'm pretty sure I have found two children via electoral rolls and would like to contact them, only thing is i'm not sure where/if they are part of my tree).

Can anyone find the Goulson/Milnes marriage and let me know the names please?

Elaine ..Spain
31-05-11, 16:36
A possible:

Charles Golson / Martha H Milnes
Jul-Aug-Sep 1921
Volume Number: 9a

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
31-05-11, 16:45
sounds like the one Elaine thanks. Just checked the freereg scan and it is a typed marriage entry (the later births are Goulson entries, maybe a typo in the GRO marriage index?)

31-05-11, 16:51
Oh Elaine - you bet me too it again!!!

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
31-05-11, 16:57

No likely birth in the name Charles Goulson/Gulson/Golson, the only one that matches timewise for a 1921 marriage is Charles Job, born in 1889 and I know it's not him. Tried a middle name search with all the variants of the surname and nothing coming up either.

31-05-11, 17:21
Maybe not yours but the deaths for the Golson/Milnes couple are-

Spelling now Goulson
Charles - died 1934 age 39 in Keighley
Martha A - died 1975, age 76 Keighley, birthdate given as 27 April 1898

31-05-11, 17:25
What about??
Charles GOULDSON b 1894, Keighley

edit to add - vol 9a, page 170, Yorkshire West Riding, 3rd Q, 1894

Elaine ..Spain
31-05-11, 17:28
There is a Charles Goulson in Yks on 1901 census, about the right age

Mitchell Goulson 38
Martha A Goulson 42
Edith A Goulson 12
Ellen Goulson 10
Joseph Goulson 9
Charles Goulson born c1895 Morton Yks

- do you need more info on that family Glen?

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
31-05-11, 17:33
Thanks Herky.

Looks like the son was born after the father died, still no likely birth registration for Charles c 1895.

Is there a matching child anywhere in 1901 or 1911? Just wonder where he was born and possible parents, I don't want to go sending off a letter to someone in their 70's-80's and find i'm blundering into a family with tragic stories that isn't even mine.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
31-05-11, 17:37
please Elaine, just found him indexed as Golson in 1911, aged 16 in Keighley.

Looks like it may not be part of my tree after all but Joseph and Ellen certainly jump out from the 1901.

Elaine ..Spain
31-05-11, 17:40
Mitchell Goulson c1863 Darley, Yorkshire - occ stone quarreyman
Martha A Goulson c 1859 Morton, Yorkshire
Edith A Goulson c 1889 Morton, Yorkshire
Ellen Goulson c 1891 Morton, Yorkshire
Joseph Goulson c 1892 Morton, Yorkshire
Charles Goulson c1895 Morton, Yorkshire

address 12 John Street, Bingley, Yks

RG13; Piece: 4071; Folio: 61; Page: 22.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
31-05-11, 17:47
Deaths Mar 1916 (>99%)
Goulson Mitchell 51

Marriages Dec 1886
GOLSON Mitchell Keighley 9a 323

Heaven knows who they really are now? Mitchell swaps between the spellings constantly.

The sons born in the 1920's and 1930's use Goulson throughout the bmd and electoral rolls,

Charles appears as Golson in 1911 and Goulson in 1901, no birth reg in either name.

Elaine ..Spain
31-05-11, 18:54
Charles appears as Golson in 1911 and Goulson in 1901, no birth reg in either name.

What about the one Herky found, post#7

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
01-06-11, 14:35
What about the one Herky found, post#7

Looks like the matching record, seems the family didn't know which way their name should be recorded. I do have some Goulson family in the same reg district from the 1860's onwards but it seems they aren't connected. I went through 30+ phone directories in the library too using the 2008-9 Electoral roll results, the only match being the two sons born to the marriage in my initial post.