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Lancashire Lass
30-05-11, 16:40
I can't find William Henry Cryer born 1853 in Edenfield,Lancashire on the 1881 to 1901 census records. Got him on the 1861 & 1871 living with his parents Robert & Ellen Cryer living in Edenfield.

Thought he might have died but think I found him on the 1911 census.
His age is a few years out on the 1911 census. He would have been 57 or 58.
It says 54 on the 1911 census unless he lied about his age. Cause he is a lot
older than his wife on the 1911.


Can't find there marriage. Looks like his wife is called Hestor:question:

Elaine ..Spain
30-05-11, 16:45
Check out this one in 1901

First names and places of birth match nicely - surname is Taylor! :question:

Elaine ..Spain
30-05-11, 16:50
Possible marriage
Marriages Mar 1898
Cooper Hester Ann R
Taylor William Henry
St. Faith's 4b 167

Was he born as Henry Taylor?

Night Owl
30-05-11, 16:57
Elaine beat me to it. I was just coming to the same conclusion because I think this is the wife in 1891 (Hester A R Cooper)


Elaine ..Spain
30-05-11, 17:00
I cannot see where the Taylor name comes into it.
His parents, Robert and Ellen, are together in 1851 and 1861 ??



Lancashire Lass
30-05-11, 17:03
Thanks Elaine & Night Owl. Yes wonder where the Taylor comes from:question:

He was born Willam Henry Cryer

On the Lancashire BMD says Born 1853 William Henry Cyer mother maiden name Bamford.
Which I know is mother was Ellen Bamford.

He is the 7th child of Robert & Ellen. They had two more children after William.

Hester A R Cooper thanks Night Owl.

Wonder why he moved down south then back up north in 1911

17-07-13, 18:10
A lot of Cryers in Edenfield area. Don't know if any of this helps. A William Cryer (Coal Merchant - probably not the same as yours) married a Mary Mathews (also seen as Matthews, came from N Wales) in the 1870s and had several children, one of which was my grandmother (Jane), she also had a brother (Jim I think) who emigrated to Australia, and at least 2 sisters, One was called Ethel and the others name escapes me at the moment but she married a Spavin and they had a son who is still alive. I seem to remember that there may have been Taylors in the family as well as Wolstenholmes, Possibly Ashworths and Jacksons as well plus of course Freemans.