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Val and George
26-05-11, 02:20
Some help please. I thought I had joined the Lancashire Library and accessed this collection before - but now I find I can't get into the library website.

I wanted to look up something in a Cambridge newspaper - I have the name and approx date. Is there any kind person who could help me please?

Harrys mum
26-05-11, 04:25
Val.............you should be able to access them on the database of your own library. Go into your (Moreton?????Redcliffe???) library and look for the databases. You usually need to put in your library card number and a password. Give them a ring and check.

Val and George
26-05-11, 06:11
I tried ringing them Libby - they advised me to go to a newsagents...................................doh!! !!!!

I'll have a look around the website for the library, and also the State Library of Qld and let you know how I got on.

..........goes off shaking her head...............

26-05-11, 06:16
If you join the Australian National Library (In Canberra) you can access newspapers on-line for free. Joining is simple - go to the web site
and put in the requested details (it is free by the way). Eventually they will send you a readers card for use if you are ever in the town, otherwise
you can log on whenever and do your stuff.

Val and George
26-05-11, 06:59
Thanks David - but I have just applied to the State library of Qld for a QPL account so am now waiting for their email verification.
If I have no joy from them - and they have taken a lot longer than they said they would to get back to me - I'll apply to the ANL in Canberra.

Thanks to you both for those suggestions - I don't know why I didn't think of that myself.................a senior moment maybe...lol

26-05-11, 07:12
No problem Val, we all have those moments. :DI lived in Canberra foru about eight years before I thought of it - never nicknamed me ASPRO for nothing
(slow dope).:D

26-05-11, 08:13
No problem Val, we all have those moments. :DI lived in Canberra foru about eight years before I thought of it - never nicknamed me ASPRO for nothing
(slow dope).:D

Never heard that 'aspro' quip before LOL like it and will use to baffle everyone here in the UK!

Mike Fisher
26-05-11, 09:44
I have just logged into the Lancashire access on
with the library membership number on the back of the credit type card they sent me

Val and George
26-05-11, 12:47
Mike I am sure I did belong to them ages ago when we first learnt that that particular library would allow overseas members - but not having used it for a long while I can't find a card. I had made a note of a number but it was really long and ended with my year of birth - but it wouldn't work for me today.

26-05-11, 15:27
I am a member and have access to the newspapers. If you need anything looking up just PM me.

27-05-11, 02:49
I'll apply to the ANL in Canberra.

The National Library of Australia offers free access to e-resources including newspapers for all Australian residents. The registration form is at https://www.nla.gov.au/getalibrarycard/registration

Harrys mum
27-05-11, 02:56
Val...I should have said apply to NLA or State Library of Qld. Both have access, as does State Library of NSW.

Brisbane and Logan also have it, so I thought yours would. Gee.......I've never known Logan to have something more than usual.....lol

Val and George
27-05-11, 07:01
Thankyou Jane for your kind offer, but I will wait until I have access to it myself now so I can trawl through.

I haven't yet heard back from the State Library of Qld, so if nothing is forthcoming by monday I will try the NLA. So, ftfmk I will keep that link to hand - many thanks.

Libby, we are still shaking our head in disbelief that the young lass at our local library told me to go to a newsagent..............and we do have a good genealogy section there with films and computer access, so next time I go in and it is open I'll go and have a word with the lady that runs it to see if I really could access the newspaper collection from there.

28-05-11, 01:35
I had a problem logging in to lancashire last year and e mailed them with my info including e mail addy and they sent me a new connection so try that as it worked for me