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23-05-11, 02:45
I'm trying to understand the distance from an ancestor's home to his (possible) work place.

Does anyone know how far it is from 6 Buckingham row West
to William Street, St Matthew Parish Bethnal Green?


23-05-11, 14:03
Have you tried Googlemaps?

23-05-11, 18:27
I have now, but I'm looking for 1839-1841 maps? I'll look in the reference section

23-05-11, 18:38
A nudge in the right direction would be useful. Does anyone know of an indexed map? I've found a map online, but it isn't indexed and I don't know where I should be looking.

Christine in Herts
23-05-11, 18:42
MapCo has early London maps with indexes - but they do take a while to load up.

... But I wouldn't have expected the distances to be wildly different then and now: it's only if bombing/development has taken out a street, or re-ordered driving requirements (one-way, etc), but the on-foot distance would be much the same.


Jill on the A272
23-05-11, 19:35
William Street is on here (though it's a map from 1868) ninth section along, 4th up, runs parallell to Church St Bethnal Green.

Buckingham Row west sounds like a row within a particular street, have you any idea where it might be?

24-05-11, 02:44
The address is from Pigot's 1839 London Directory. It is on Ancestry here:


It is page 193 in that file but the pages are not numbered. John Mitchell is listed alphabetically under "Plasterers".

24-05-11, 07:44
I suppose you need to know what was the boundary for London in 1839 to get an idea of where that might be now. I had a look at the title pages of the directory but it doesn't say so perhaps that's the question to google.

Sue from Southend
24-05-11, 09:01
According to Gendocs Victorian London A-Z Street Index, Buckingham Row was in the Hanover Sq area. Might help to pin it down a bit!


24-05-11, 13:55
Thank you, Sue - that's a useful index.
Now I just have to figure out where Hanover Square is on the MapCo map!