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20-05-11, 01:01
Hi,can anyone find me Estha Merit on the 1861 census ,her maiden name is Estha Ladbrook.Estha was born at Colchester ,Essex in 1838.She married Frank Merit but is later with Benjamin Nunn. I have recently found that Benjamin was named Benjamin on the census but on the certificates he is Frank Nunn born 1830.Abit puzzling as cant find Estha or Benjamin on the 1861 census anywhere? any help appreciated!thankyou!

Olde Crone Holden
20-05-11, 16:45
Why does all this sound familiar?


Chrissie Smiff
20-05-11, 17:37
Do you mean it's been researched before OC?

OK found it - thanks OC. Sometimes I despair!!

20-05-11, 18:03
Don't despair Chrissie :) Yes this family was researched recently but surely all Fardon is asking for now is help in finding Benjamin and or Esther in 1861, not a repeat of previous work.

Olde Crone Holden
20-05-11, 18:07
The thing is though Judith, if someone starts a "cold" search, the responders very often research around the specific information asked for, in order to get at the elusive information - in this case the 1861 census.

All that unnecessary work (which Chrissie did and then deleted, I think) could have been avoided by just nudging up the original thread and asking for the 1861 information.


Chrissie Smiff
20-05-11, 18:45
Thank you OC, that's exactly the point. I spent ages this morning finding the marriage cert and all the various census to give me an idea of the overall picture. If fardon had used the thread where most of this had already been found it would have saved me all that precious time.

21-05-11, 23:13
Hello again,I am very sorry to have caused any problems,I did only want to find 1861,I will inform you all next time about a previous search on here.Thankyou!

Chrissie Smiff
22-05-11, 11:12
Apology accepted fardon :)

Sorry I got so cross, it's just that when you are trying to find someone very illusive it sometimes helps to know all the background etc.