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Janet C
18-05-11, 19:59
Please can anyone tell me if they have easy access to cemetery records in Stoke on Trent. Trying to find Caroline B Humphriss died 1944 ( March quarter ) Thanks, J:)

19-05-11, 22:57
Not really. I've tried a couple of times. First was for my Gran's brother and date of death was simply no good. They wanted to know which cemetery he was buried in otherwise they wouldn't do a search to give me the grave number. As I then knew absolutely zilch about the geography of the area, I got in touch with the library service who found me the funeral notice which gave the name of the church for the service and also which cemetery the burial was to be. If I'd known which cemetery, I wouldn't have needed to ask their help! Unlike in Scotland, there seems to be no index in English council held records of who is in each plot so you have to ask for a search for each person individually which gets rather costly if the grave holds a full 3 or 4 persons. Also in Scotland, if you can give the date and place of death, most authorities are willing to look in the most likely cemetery and a couple of the nearest around. They will also tell you who else is that particular grave. When you are paying a sometimes quite high fee, this is very helpful.

The second was for my Gran's sister who died in infancy. I got her death certificate and again got a hint from another source about likely cemetery. There's nobody left alive in the family who would know so I just went ahead and asked for the search with that cemetery and luckily I had got it right. The fee per search in Stoke on Trent is £20 in advance, at least it was in the autumn last year.

RE: English councils not having their burials fully indexed to extract plot information showing everyone in a particular grave, I know that one lady in charge of her local burial registers in Shropshire has begun to build such a database although it may not see the light of day for a good long time as there's loads of registers to work through and she only works part time and has loads of other duties to do as well. The charge there per enquiry is £35 but that does include the lady going to the relevant cemetery and taking good photos of the grave to go with the paperwork.