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12-05-11, 13:18
I have finally met my biological father and can now start my researching his side of the family. I have already hit a brick wall and was wondering if someone could help?
I am trying to track down my great grandfather and great grandmother's marriage and thought I would try SEAX as they married in west ham, essex. It says on there that there are records for 1926 but I can't click on it to see them. Does this mean they are not online and can't access them unless I go to the ERO?
Many thanks in advance for any help given.

12-05-11, 13:42
Yes I believe only the 17th century West Ham parish church are available as digital images online at present. For later ones you would need to visit the archive. Are you near enough to get there? If not I visit fairly often and could do a look up if needed.

12-05-11, 14:09
Thanks for the reply JudithM
I live in South Oxfordshire so not near enough to visit. What a lovely offer to do a look up for me :) I was going to order the marriage certificate but it depends when your next going? Please let me know and I will give you the details if I haven't already decided to get the certificate.
Thanks so much again

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12-05-11, 18:49
I will probably be in the records office one day next week. Will gladly take a look - lets hope the marriage took place in the parish church and not the register office. Send a personal message with the details if you'd like me to try.