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08-05-11, 19:58
Has anyone had to research records from South Africa? and if so can you give a few tip on were to start? I flight over there might be nice but a bit expensive lol!!!!

Elaine ..Spain
08-05-11, 20:40
Can't help personally, but there may be some useful links on the South Africa (http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/441-South-Africa) page in the FTF Reference Library.

Anne in Carlisle
08-05-11, 23:11
Someone in our One Name Society was looking for SA records. I was totally unable to help but eventually he discovered a site where someone is transcribing church records. As luck would have it the one he wanted was on there AND it showed the place of birth (in Lincolnshire). Sorry I can't help where to find them but knowing they exist might spur on your search.


08-05-11, 23:29
thanks for your comments going to google and see what I come up with

09-05-11, 10:55
south african records are very difficult gwen. there is a south african version of ancestry, but it is not affiliated with ancestry.com. i have an uncle who left the army when the boer war finished, he stayed in south africa, had 5 kids, and died there, but we know nothing about it. bmd's only began in the early 20th century too.

09-05-11, 11:03
Am in much the same boat, my wifes g/uncle went to SA came home to WA joined up in WW1 and left the ship he was returning
to Oz on and stayed in SA for the rest of his life, raising a family. From what I have found South African records are virtually non-existent
on line and I am also told that it takes months to get a reply from the relevant authorities. Luckily we had some relatives left in SA whom
we contacted and managed to get the info that we wanted.

Janet in Yorkshire
09-05-11, 11:52
My rellie went out there with her new husband in the late 1890's. Luckily for me, the birth regs of their 2 children were in the overseas index. Sadly, husband enlisted for service in a civilian regiment in the Boer War and was killed. Due to that, google threw up several references for him. I have details of their passage out to SA and the widow & children were back by 1911. (Their places of birth in 1911 census gave me the clue about SA!)
Nothing in the way of SA documentation, however.

Good luck - Jay

Elaine ..Spain
09-05-11, 11:59
thanks for your comments going to google and see what I come up with

If you come up with any sites not already included on the South Africa (http://www.familytreeforum.com/content.php/441-South-Africa) page in the FTF Ref. Library then do let us know so we can add them.

09-05-11, 22:46
Actually I learned more from the sites on here than I ever did anywhere else, but pour request noted.