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Val wish Id never started
21-04-11, 18:18
http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/displayyour-options.asp?requestthis=J+77%2F3&itemref=J+77%2F3%2FB68&linkback=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Enationalarchives%2Egov %2Euk%2Fcatalogue%2FDisplayCatalogueDetails%2Easp% 3FCATID%3D%2D3056759%26CATLN%3D7%26FullDetails%3DT rue&CATID=-3056759&CATLN=7&FullDetails=True&UserType=0
Have found a reference to a divorce for a couple I am researching in 1859 although it says you can order them online when I clicked on the link it said they aren't available?
do I have to go there in person ???

Elaine ..Spain
21-04-11, 18:21
On that page click on the link that says "order printed or digital copies of this record"
I think you will find it cheaper to order printed copies - I think it costs 40 pence per A3 copy plus postage.
You will receive an estimate of the total cost which you either accept or reject!

Val wish Id never started
21-04-11, 18:34
thanks again Elaine but the link isnt working have emailed them