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18-03-11, 11:09
Is anyone able to visit Preston - Lancs Record Office for me please?
I have a friend visiting from N Zealand later this year. He was adopted and his father was a patient at Whittingham Asylum - he died 11-8-1966 and is possibly buried there. He would like to visit his grave if it still survives.

I received this email from them:

I can confirm that here in the Lancashire Archives we hold archives from the former Whittingham Hospital including the records listed below, which may include information relating to William Henry Pennington, who was admitted to the hospital twice, as follows:
Admitted: 2 September 1946
Patient no: 31387
Regraded to Voluntary Status: 28 April 1947
Discharged: 22 August 1948

Admitted: 28 February 1949
Patient no: 33381 (later renumbered 1651/60/I)
Died: 11 August 1966

The records which may include information about the period spent by William Henry Pennington in the hospital are as follows:

Reference HRW 9/5*
Medical Register, 1943-48

Reference HRW 12/106*
Reception Orders, 1946

Reference HRW 12/108*
Reception Orders, 1947

Reference HRW Accession 8279, Box 5*
Register of Patients Admitted – Section 20-21, 1948-1952

Reference HRW Accession 8279, Box 18
General Register, 1948-1950

Reference HRW Accession 8279, Box 22
General Register, 1957-1960

Reference HRW Accession 8279, Box 23
General Register, 1960-61

Reference HRW Accession 8279, Box 49*
Funeral Book, 1947-1968

Reference HRW Accession 8279, Box 51
Register of Burials, 1920-1991

Reference HRW Accession 8279, Box 72*
Card Index, c1948-c1995

* Asterisk denotes records not yet fully open to public inspection

If any of these could be viewed, especially the Burial record if nothing else I would be so grateful.

Lancashire Lass
11-04-11, 09:51
Hi Kat I might be going in May. The Lancashire Archives will close completely to the public between June and October due to work needed to be done. So if I'm going I will pm
you :)

Whittingham Hospital is where my Gt Grandmother died there in the 1930's.

As your friend seen this website on Whittingham Hospital


13-04-11, 01:27
That's very kind of you Sharon. I think you have to phone a few days in advance to order the documents. Yes I have all the info - I have been scouring the internet!


13-04-11, 13:36
Katarzyna, I've sent the details to my sister and I'll let you know if she can go and if so when.

13-04-11, 14:37
Katarzyna, My sister says she will do it but it won't be for a couple of weeks. I'll let you know exactly when as soon as she can say.

13-04-11, 16:46
Thank you Margaret :)

15-04-11, 01:28
Sharon, as Margaret's sister is going within the next two weeks or so I will take her up on that. Thank you so much for offering ; there are so many lovely people around:)

15-04-11, 12:37
Well that was quick work!

I have had an email this morning:

William Henry Pennington was buried in the churchyard of Whittingham Hospital on 16 Aug 1966, I believe the plot no. to be 186 in the C of E section of the new graveyard, it looks as though the grave numbers were added to the record at a later date.

Thank you Simon, Sharon and Margaret

Lancashire Lass
15-04-11, 20:50
Your welcome Kat always happy to help if I can.

Oh that's good news that you got some info on William :)