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09-03-11, 21:05
Am planning a visit there sometime between now and Easter.

Anyone want me to look for something up for them while I'm there?


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11-03-11, 11:51
Would it be possible for you to look up the marriage of Herbert William Johnstone (born 1896) to Susan (Susannah) Maycock (born 1897). GRO records show this as Oct-Dec 1920 (7b 1602) in Belper, Derbyshire.

Thank you very much in advance.

12-03-11, 16:35

No probs.

Have decided that I'll be going on Friday 31 March, so if anyone else has any requests, pls get them to me in good time.


12-03-11, 19:04
Would it be possible to look for a birth/Christening of William Wilkinson. He was born c1768. I do not know which parish but he married Catherine Noton 14 Oct 1790 (Bakewell). There may be some indication on the records indicating his parish of birth. Additionally, any witnesses may be useful in making progress with this branch as I have struggled with Williams ancestry.

Many thanks,



13-03-11, 17:01

I'll see what I can find for you.


23-03-11, 21:13
If you get time, please would you see if you can find anything more about the following.

IGI says George Hill married Betty (Ashmore??) on 10 Aug 1817 at Chapel En Le Frith, Derbyshire, but there is no mention of parents. Is there anything extra on Church Records that may help?
George Warrington with Maria (Bradbury?) and their two children, Joseph and Betty, are on the 1841 Census. However, I can't find a wedding!! George was a Stone Mason, living in Hayfield. I'm not sure if marriages were being held in Hayfield at that time!!
So, if they did marry, are there any Church Records for Glossop, Chap en le Fth, or Wely. Bridge covering the event??

Hope this is clear enough and not asking too much.
Many thanks John

26-03-11, 20:10
John - I'll see how I get on.

27-03-11, 00:03
If you can, I am looking for a baptism of a George Wheelhouse at Staveley, round about 1776. Am looking for his parents names. Thanks very much.

If you do have any time left at all, am not sure if they do burials for Staveley but I have 7 Wheelhouse children dying in April/May 1883 (within an approximately 2-3 week span) If at all possible (and I know its a big if) the dates of the respective children would be fantastic.

Thank you ever so much :)

27-03-11, 14:58
Oh dear. So many dead children in such a short time. Heartbreaking.

Will look for you and report back.

As I'm out and about quite a bit next week, I'm closing this thread to further requests, but doubtless I'l be going to Matlock again in the future, and will re-offer when I do.