View Full Version : Ancestry BMD - help need to find birth in 1930s London

Liz from Lancs
06-03-11, 22:19
I haven't found the birth I am looking for in Free BMD. There are 2 entries for this name in Gtr London on Ancestry but I don't have current subs. Can you help?

Looking for birth of:

Edited: Removed details in case she is living

Many thanks.

Chrissie Smiff
06-03-11, 22:30
I assume that you know she is deceased Liz?

Liz from Lancs
06-03-11, 22:31
Chrissie - I don't know what happened after she was a few years old and cannot find any other info on her. Should I ask mods to remove this thread in case she is living? Thank you for finding her for me.

Chrissie Smiff
06-03-11, 22:33
I will remove the details and make a note to have a look for you and see what I can find. Will be tomorrow though I'm afraid as I have to go now.

Liz from Lancs
06-03-11, 22:35
Thank you Uncle John and Chrissie...will e mail you Chrissie. This one has been unsolved for a few years. Always worth re-looking...:).

Uncle John - can you remove your details. I have removed mine now. Have saved the info.

Uncle John
06-03-11, 22:42
Opps - pipped at the post!

Uncle John
06-03-11, 22:43
Removed as requested. There appear to be 3 marriages in the likely area and timeframe.

Liz from Lancs
06-03-11, 22:45
Thanks Uncle John - I have e mailed Chrissie with some further background detail to take up her offer of looking in more detail tomorrow. Night night. :)