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26-02-11, 00:29
I'm researching my cousin's mother's family for her.

But Thomas Collings' middle name differs on Marriage Certificate!

Certificates as follows. All are deceased.

Iris Maud Collings age 23 of 1 Percival Rd, Clifton, Bristol, MARRIAGE to Charles William Archibald Slade 1929 Bristol, Gloucestershire. Bride's Father: Thomas Wickland Collings, Tug Boat Captain.
Witnesses: Charles J & Sarah Jane Slade..my Grandparents.

Iris Maud Collings born 1906 15 Sandford Rd, Hotwells, Bristol. Father Thomas Wickland Collings, Seaman, (Merchant Service) Mother: Alice Maud Rogers

Marriage 1895 in the Parish of St George's Brandon Hill, Bristol
Alice Maud Rogers, 21, of 2 Cottage Crescent, to Thomas Edward Collings 21, of 18 St. Georges Rd. Mariner.
Brides Father: William Henry Rogers, Coach Builder.
Grooms Father: Thomas Wickland Collings, Mariner.
Witnesses: William Henry Rogers. Brother or father of the bride. Lavinia Kate Rogers, bride's sister.

Now I do know that this is the correct Alice Maud Rogers Marriage as I have found 2 living relatives who knew of my cousin and her parents.
Both are grandchildren of 2 of Alice Maud Roger's siblings. One was even named after my cousin! The other relative took in my cousin and her parents during WW2 during the bombings in Bristol. My cousin is in her 81st year and they have both been in contact with my cousin by phone catching up on lost time.

So why is Thomas Collings’ middle name recorded as Edward and Not Wickland? Any ideas?

He was Christened as Thomas Wickland Collings 16 Aug 1874 in Bristol. Father Thomas Wickland. Mother Mary Morgan Collings (nee Williams)

1911 Census: 41 Upton Rd, Southville, Bedminster.
Thomas Wickland Collings (Snr) 61 born, c.1850 Minehead, Somerset Captain of a Tugboat
Mary Collings, Wife, 61, married 38yrs born c.1850 Sunderland
Lilian Collings, dau, single, 24 born c.1887 Bristol, Clifton

1911 Census: Collings family living at 15 Sandford Road, Hotwells, Bristol
Thomas Collings age 36 born c.1874 Bristol. Mercantile Mariner
Alice Wife. married 16yrs 37 born c.1874 Bristol
Edward, son 15 born c.1896 Bristol
Arthur, son 12 born c. 1899 Bristol
Ivy, dau, 7 born c.1904 Bristol
Iris, dau, 4 born c.1907 Bristol.

Other info: Edward (akaTeddy) William Thomas Collings was Christened 5th Apr 1896 at Clifton, St. Andrew. Parents: Thomas Wickland Collings and Alice Maud Collings

Arthur Kitchener Collings was Christened 11 May 1899 at Clifton, Holy Trinity.
Parents: Thomas Wickland Collings and Alice Maud Collings
Arthur's Second name confirmed by my cousin.

Ivy M Collings. 1927 Mar Qtr, Bristol. Vol 6a. Page 146.
William H Webber. aka Harry. 1927 Mar Qtr, Bristol. Vol 6a. Page 146
Spouse confirmed by my cousin.

My Cousin's grandmother, Alice Maud Collings nee Rogers died 1920 at 6 Sandford Road, Bristol. Wife of Thomas Wickland Collings, Mariner (Master, Tug Boat) He was the informant and present at her death.

I've traced the Collings family back through the census records but 1861 is proving a bit of a problem! Can anyone else find them?

Olde Crone Holden
26-02-11, 09:05
A straight forward recording mistake in my opinion.


26-02-11, 11:07
Thanks OC. That's my opinion too..but just wanted some other opinions.

Night Owl
26-02-11, 11:17
Re the 1861, do you have the older Thomas's parents' details please?

27-02-11, 00:45
Hi Jackie
Thomas Wickland Collings Snr (born c.1852 Minehead Somerset) married Mary Morgan Williams 02 Sep 1873 in Bristol, Clifton, St Andrew, Gloucestershire, England. England, Bristol Parish Registers, 1538-1900
His father was Thomas Collings.

I think this is the Collings Family on earlier census records

1841 Census
Thomas, Collings, 55, Mariner, born Somerset
Ann Collings, 55 born Somerset
Elizabeth Collings, 20 bornc Somerset
Thomas Collings, 15 born Somerset
William Collings, 10 born Somerset

1851 Census: Quay Street, Minehead.
Thomas Collings, Head, 28, Sailor, born Minhead
Maria Matilda, Wife, 30 born Woodcroft?, Oxfordshire
William T W, Son, 3 born Minehead
Edward S, son, 2 born Minhead
George Giles, son, 1 born Minhead

There is a Thomas Collingod on 1861 born Minehead and the hand written copy looks like Collingod too, but not sure if thats them.

Also Thomas Wickland Collings birth reg, (Williton) says Thomas Wicklen Collings. Nigtmare or what!