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Lin Fisher
18-02-11, 08:56
I am trying to find out who her parents are for a friend who is trying to put together a small family tree for a Diamond Wedding gift.

She was born 1902 as Eunice Eveline Newcomb. I have found her on 1911 census without doing a paid for search as Unice Evelyn with. I have her marriage and death

Pamela aged 29
Elizabeth aged 35
Thomas aged 1
John aged 3 all Nottingham

Looked at Ancestry 1911 census books and the only family with 3 female and 2 male are at 68 Wells Road.

Could anyone without spending any money work out what relation they are to each other. I am sure Pamela and Elizabeth are sisters but who do the children belong to.

Thanking you


18-02-11, 12:01
Have you found them in census? I have found this which looks a possiblility


John Newcombe 45
Mary A Newcombe 46
Elizabeth Newcombe 24
Pamela Newcombe 20
Herbert Newcombe 17
John Newcombe 12
Nelly Newcombe 9
Henry Newcombe 6

Chrissie Smiff
18-02-11, 12:04
Hi Lin
Without certificates it's impossible to be sure of course. Searches on Ancestry though would seem to suggest that Pamela and Elizabeth were possibly sisters and their parents possibly John Newcomb and Mary Ann. There is a possible death for that Mary Ann though in 1901, so that wouldn't explain the 3 children born after that or where their father was in 1911. You would need credits on 1911 to try and sort that out.

If it's the parents of Eunice that you are interested in I would suggest getting her birth certificate. If you haven't got the reference its - Eunice Eveline Newcomb - April-June quarter of 1902 - Nottingham 7b 303.

Chrissie Smiff
18-02-11, 12:05
Snap Julie :)

Lin Fisher
18-02-11, 13:29
Thanks to you both

I had the 1901 census and thats why I thought Elizabeth and Jane were sisters.

I know there are different ways of looking free for 1911 and I had done all I knew.

I will see what friend says re credits or birth cert.

18-02-11, 13:34
There are also some bapts on FreeREG, though not Pamelas.. :(

Loopy Linda in La La Land
18-02-11, 13:34
Have sent you an IM


18-02-11, 13:35
just a thought, does the marriage (cert?) give her fathers name and occupation?

Lin Fisher
18-02-11, 13:41
We don't have the marriage cert.

What has happened is friend has been invited to Diamond Wedding celebrations and they have asked for donations to a charity which is a brilliant idea but she wanted to do a little family tree for them. That is why we didn't want to spend the money as it would distract from the charity.

Thanks everyone

18-02-11, 13:43
Sorry Lin I misread when you said you had the marriage and death, thought you meant you had the cert.. duh!!

Lin Fisher
18-02-11, 13:55
Didn't explain myself very well Julie

I didn't want people spending time looking at things I already knew.

18-02-11, 14:15
ahh I see, I think :smilee: