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Val wish Id never started
15-12-10, 15:46
Would really appreciate some help with this one am trying to find where this man died?
Reginald SLATER born 2 Mar 1910 Birmingham
Emigrated to Canada 16 Mar 1949 with new Wife Edith
He is 39 she is 27 and he is described as a Med Lab and she a H/Wife although she is a Nurse on the Marriage Cert in 1946

From then on I cannot find what happened to him ??

Have looked on The Familysearch site Ancestry and FMP unless I have missed him ???

I am sure he must have died by now so hope this is okay to post ??

15-12-10, 18:12
Each Canadian Province has their own BMDs and Canadian privacy laws are very strict, so it's extremely unlikely you will find his death listed online. You may be very lucky and find an obituary in one of the newspapers though. Canadians seem to use their newspapers for obits much more than we do - at least they do in my family! :)

Do you know which province they lived in?
There are some cemetery records online and more and more are being digitised.

I'll try and find the link - back in a mo :)

Just thought, have you tried the Canadian info page on here?

Val wish Id never started
15-12-10, 18:24
hi Sue and thanks ,there is a long story attached to him thats why I really want to find where he died I dont think he would have dared come back to the UK ???
He was supposed to have set up a clinic in Ontario and Salmon Street was mentioned ????
Or even his Wifes death may help find him ???

15-12-10, 18:47
Val, I've had a quick look on the Toronto Star obits, but there are no Reginald Slaters listed that I can see.
I have to go out tonight, but I'll try to look more when I come back - it won't be until after midnight though ;)

Val wish Id never started
15-12-10, 20:16
thanks very much Sue have a good time