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14-12-10, 00:26
Hi, I have a contact who asked me if I knew anyone who could help. He is trying to find out more details of his cousin, who was born in Qld. When he was there last, he found out her date of birth in the State Library, but forgot to make a note of exactly where she was born, and wondered if anyone could confirm this. He also was wondering if it would be possible to get more details on her marriage. As there is a small possibility that she might still be living, I don't want to put her name down here, but if someone could PM me. I will give all the information I have.

Many thanks,


Christine in Herts
14-12-10, 00:32
Has he tried the Australian Newspaper archives? I don't think there are so many BMD announcements in the QLD papers, but it might be worth a try?


14-12-10, 00:50
I'm not sure what he has tried yet - I've just had a quick look through them and can't find anything relevant, but will have another go tomorrow when I'm not so tired - I might have missed something! :)

Thanks Christine


Sunny Kate
14-12-10, 04:55
Have you tried Queensland BDMs Online?


Go to Historical Index Searching then choose Births, Deaths or Marriages.

Births are available from 1829 to 1914, Marriages from 1829 to 1934 and Deaths from 1829 to 1964.
Moratoriums on privacy apply hence the cut off dates.
You may be able to find what you need there.
Good luck.

19-12-10, 23:16
If the person isn't living, there's a burial search for Brisbane -

20-12-10, 00:51
Thanks again - I have found her birth entry, but unfortunately that only says she was born in the country, not the city. I have a choice of two places, both in the country, so am still not sure. I had a look on the burial site, but I have only been given her first husbands name, and not the second so I don't know what name she was buried under :). I think I will get back to my contact and ask for more details, and see if I can be more specific. He does say that one of her sons is well known on TV. I have tried googling the name, and can get a few hits in Queensland, but not for a TV personality.


20-12-10, 01:30
Hi Linda - if you'd like to send a pm with the sons name, I will probably know who he is as would Sunny Kate....

Harrys mum
20-12-10, 11:02
Linda......as the others have said, you probably won't get much more that the state (Qld) on the web unless it is someone very famous who has a biography online. I might be able to help if you pm the name, but possibly no more than the others.