View Full Version : 1911 Summary Books on Ancestry ???

Val wish Id never started
10-12-10, 14:47
Has anybody had trouble finding somebody they already found on the proper 1911 Census records ???
I cannot find my Grandfather and his family yet I did on the earlier Proper release
Just in case
Charles Miller 1879 St Lukes
Celia 1881 Hoxton
with three children
I even put the address in 45 Duckett Street Mile End

Elaine ..Spain
10-12-10, 14:54
Using just the surname, the address and the registration district

You can't really search with first names at the moment because generally the Summary books only record the surname.

Val wish Id never started
10-12-10, 15:04
oh no wonder I kept getting Mr Miller thanks again Elaine , do you know whether it will be part of the Ancestry package ? I could kick myself as I just purchased the FMP lot

Elaine ..Spain
10-12-10, 15:10
Yes it will be part of Ancestry, but I think they said it would not be completed until the middle of 2011.

Val wish Id never started
10-12-10, 15:32
thats okay then my sub will almost have run out by then on FMP thanks again Elaine.

Mary from Italy
10-12-10, 16:36
I don't think the database can be complete yet. I can't find some people who I've already found on the 1911 census, whether I search under the surname only or the address only.

Val wish Id never started
10-12-10, 16:40
you could be right Mary as somebody else is missing?