View Full Version : In the death indexes three times?

Tom Tom
30-11-10, 23:26

Can anyone tell me why someone would appear in the death indexes three times?

He is in the main pages typed in (as the others) and a number one next to his name). There is also a handwritten entry at the bottom of the page with a different reference number. (This is the JFM quarter).

He is also typed in on the JAS quarter.

Anybody got any ideas what it might be about? Don't really want to purchase the certificate at the moment as he is a very distant rellie, actually not a rellie at all as he is from a second marriage.


Olde Crone Holden
30-11-10, 23:37
The only scenario I can think of is that the first registration of death was wrong in some substantial way - date wrong, name wrong or something and the death was re registered.

No, scrub that. I reckon what may have happened was - the first death reg was an interim one issued by a coroner to enable a burial to take place and the two subsequent ones were a correction and a final proper registration of death.


Tom Tom
30-11-10, 23:40
Thanks OC, I thought it must have been something along those lines.

I wonder what would happen if I ordered them? Would there be three different certificates or would I end up with the same certificate whichever reference I used?

Googled and looked at The Times archive but not found anything.

Olde Crone Holden
30-11-10, 23:44
You would only get the most recent one whichever one you ordered.

However, if it is a provincial area, it might be worth phoning the local RO and asking for an explanation - if you play stupid and pretend you don't know which cert to order they may tell you what went on.


Mike Fisher
01-12-10, 11:33
order from the local register office, I ordered a birth certificate from the local registrar and the one I have shows that the original was amended at a later date, I was contacted by a cousin to say that my information was different from his and they sent me a copy from the GRO that did not show the amendment.