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20-11-10, 22:35
Looking at 1901 census. Under place of birth it states France, then what looks like (br suby). Does this mean British subject?

Anne in Carlisle
20-11-10, 22:58
Yes! :)


21-11-10, 00:46
Ta. Need to find out where these records are.

Val wish Id never started
21-11-10, 01:05
if you mean the naturalisation papers try the National archives

21-11-10, 10:42
I posted a similar query under British Subjects yesterday - you might find some of the replies helpful. Would love to know how you get on :)

Velma Dinkley
21-11-10, 10:44
Put their name in the search box on the National Archives site :)

21-11-10, 11:42
Couldn't it mean that the parents were British Subjects but had a child in France?

Anne in Carlisle
21-11-10, 12:25
I agree with Fran. Whenever I have seen that 'British Subject' for any of my family it just means that although their birthplace was abroad, they are British because their parents are. They just happened to be born abroad, maybe because of father's work.


21-11-10, 12:39
If you look at overseas births on Findmypast you should see the registration. There are separate indexes for a British Subject is born abroad.

Uncle John
21-11-10, 15:22
My brother was born in Nigeria in the 1940s. His birth certificate, when I last saw it years ago, was falling to pieces. It was preprinted for 192.. ! There's no sign of him on the GRO overseas births, so my parents didn't bother to register him with the High Commissioner.

22-11-10, 15:41
He definitely was a foreign national with foreign parents. Family oral tradition is that he was from France. Will give the N.A. a go. Thanks everyone.

No trace of him in N.A. but did find one of his sons 1st WW records.