View Full Version : Record Office: Cambridge - St Andrews Barnwell - a marriage request

Val and George
19-11-10, 04:11
I was hoping that someone might be able to check out the details of a marriage record for me please May 1836 @ St Andrews - Barnwell - Cambridge William Carter to Emma Webb - I would like to know the names of the witnesses if possible plus anything else that might help. This marriage was later declared illegal by the bride as she deliberately used an alias - she was also known as Amey Semain. However the poor bridegroom was jailed for bigamy later down the track when he remarried, believing that he wasn't legally married to Emma Webb.

Little Nell
19-11-10, 21:03
IGI has the exact date as 02 JUN 1836. I would be happy to help but not likely to get to Cambridge RO before next year. St. Andrew's Barnwell is more commonly known as St. Andrew the Less. My great x 2 grandparents William Moore & Susannah Browning married there in 1833.

Your story sounds intriguing. I didn't think a marriage was invalid just because someone used a different name.

Val and George
20-11-10, 10:52
Hello Nell, many thanks for your kind offer - someone has already sent me a pm with the information I wanted, what a wonderful helpful site this is.

There was a court case and I managed to obtain the newspaper reports.....the poor man was jailed for 6 months when it seems to have been Emma who was the party at fault, she talked both him and his second wife into believing that she and William weren't legally married.........shame shame.....:D So the first marriage certainly wasn't invalid, and he should never have gone through with the second marriage.

Emma even offered William and his new bride accommodation at her house...............bizarre!!!!