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18-11-10, 17:14
I've been researching Edward Albert born about 1829 Jamaica. On the 1891 census he appeared to be with his family in Preston but then I found him lodging in Redruth Cornwall. I'm pretty certain that the Redruth one was correct and maybe his family had just added him to the home list. I couldn't find him at all in 1901 - I have the rest of the family. So I started looking for a death. It is afairly uncommon name and I found a death registration in Falmouth Cornwall for 1892 which seemed a possibility.

After a lot of dithering I sent for the cert. It came to day and really there is no clue on it that it is the person I'm looking for.

Any ideas how I can cross check?

18-11-10, 17:45
does the informants name help?

18-11-10, 18:06
Does the age more or less match? If it doesn't it doesn't mean it's not him of course because whoever registered the death may have just guessed! How about occupation? I can't remember if that is on death certs.

Little Nell
18-11-10, 18:07
Or look at it the other way - can you find another person who fits the death cert, on a census or other source?

Christine in Herts
18-11-10, 18:53
I have certainly had family members being recorded in the census as "at home" where they would normally be, but also wherever they actually were (on board ship, visiting another family...)


18-11-10, 18:54
Thanks for the replies.

Occupation given is merhant seaman - which he was 40 years earlier! He had been a hawker/pedlar for 40 years.

Informant is William Foster, he made his mark so not an educated man. He is unknown to me in my research.

On the 1891 I have found a young seaman called William Foster but no sign of an Edward Albert on his ship at that date.

The problem is that the cert could be for a seaman who doesn't show up on any other records.

The age is out by about 8 years. I wasn't too bothered about that if none of his family were there.

The thing is, if it is not my Edward- what did happen to him?

19-11-10, 13:43
I've got death certs with out-of-date occupations. One chap worked briefly as a messenger in his twenties, kept a lodging-house for 60 years but was still a messenger on his death cert (registered by his grand-daughter so no way had she ever known him as a messenger!)