View Full Version : Sailor in 1911 Census how do I find him?

Sunny Rosy
16-11-10, 18:41
I have Jacob Kelly's wife and sons in the 1911 census in Plymouth , in what sounds like admiralty property but no sign of him, it is thought that he was in the royal Navy, he was born in 1887. Where do I look to find him please?


Elaine ..Spain
16-11-10, 19:31
If you are searching on Findmypast you can select Royal Navy at Sea in the county drop down listing.

Do you know where he was born?

Sunny Rosy
16-11-10, 20:48
He may have been born on the Isle of Man. I will try the route you suggested Elaine thankyou


16-11-10, 20:55
There is a Royal Navy record for a Jacob Kelly born Laxey, Isle of Man on the documentsonline website, although dob is given as 3 Jul 1885, but of course he could have lied about his age! You can download the record for £3.50

Sunny Rosy
16-11-10, 23:22
Thankyou Elaine and thankyou Ann. I have downloaded the service record. I have also found him on the census'


Sunny Rosy
20-11-10, 16:14
Just an update the service record was for my Jacob and he lied to get in the Navy, he was only 10, when he should have been 12!!!.. I have managed to find his parents and grandparents too on the Isle of Man. Thanks for the help.