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Velma Dinkley
14-11-10, 00:14
My husband's great x2 grandfather, farmer, Thomas John Anderson, died on 22 Oct 1896, in Bisham parish, Berkshire. Around the time of his death he was made bankrupt and afterwards his widow, son and his family moved into nearby Maidenhead, where he worked as a labourer.

We have been in contact with a descendant of one of Thomas' brothers who has information that Thomas' daughter paid off the debt.

However, I have been unable to find anymore information about the bankruptcy and was hoping that the kind members of FTF will be help me break down this longstanding brick wall :)

Where would the legal proceedings have taken place - would this have been Reading, as the county town?

I'm wondering whether records would be held at the Berkshire Record Office or the National Archives??

I haven't found anything in the London Gazette.

Thanks for your help :)

Little Nell
14-11-10, 11:07
Hi Velma, what is the source you have for his being made bankrupt?

Velma Dinkley
14-11-10, 17:06
Heresay from a descendant of one of his brothers, with the info that the daughter paid the debt off... so perhaps he was not officially made bankrupt... :confused:

Uncle John
14-11-10, 20:41
You could be right. Every official bankruptcy has a Gazette notice recording every step of the process. The same is true to day for business insolvencies.