View Full Version : Anybody find him in 1901 ?

Val wish Id never started
11-11-10, 20:32
Thomas Alfred Gray born 1887 Hammersmith , Thanks

here he is in 1891
RG12 39 63 25


Christine in Herts
11-11-10, 21:00
Sorry - he's seriously elusive!

Do you have any idea where he might be? or what he's doing? - whether he's with anyone else from the family or anything?


Elaine ..Spain
11-11-10, 21:14
Do you have him in 1911?

Chrissie Smiff
11-11-10, 21:50
There are at least 3 Thomas A Gray travelling to Canada, America and Australia. Could he have emigrated Val? I can't check the details because I haven't got world wide - sorry.

Val wish Id never started
11-11-10, 23:02
sorry had to cook
thanks everyone
have him in 1911 he married in 1905 Hammersmith to a May Louisa Clarke , his Father died in 1891 and I cannot find his Mother Elizabeth born 1857 in Cheam Surrey either in 1901 ???
oh and he is a Coal Porter on his marriage and in 1911

Christine in Herts
12-11-10, 00:10
Trying to track at least one of the family - in case Thomas was with them - I found this rather sad page (neither does it help your quest, I'm afraid):
Reference RG14PN239 RG78PN8 RD3 SD2 ED13 SN389
Where the full name of the child who had died is recorded.


Val wish Id never started
12-11-10, 00:14
thanks again Christine but how do I view that thanks ?

Christine in Herts
12-11-10, 00:27
You'd need to have access to the 1911 census. That's the detail of the page reference. If you don't have a general sub, it isn't worth you looking at it: it doesn't look as if it's yours. I mentioned it because it was just so sad.


Val wish Id never started
12-11-10, 00:52
yes I do have the full sub on there thanks by the way that contact last signed in a month ago so you might get lucky this time

Val wish Id never started
12-11-10, 01:08
that is my lot Christine or should say my Husbands family, have been updating them this week, and the Mother Elizabeth is the Mother I have been looking for ?. Thanks

Christine in Herts
12-11-10, 15:01
Oh! I'm glad I mentioned it then. I notice that the daughter who'd died has not been transcribed. Is that sensitivity, or just an omission?

Perhaps I might put a potential transcription error report in.


Val wish Id never started
12-11-10, 17:27
he is actually the Brother of the man I am looking for ? that Elizabeth the Widow is their Mother so you see you did find her for me lol

Christine in Herts
12-11-10, 18:00
It was only when I looked back that I realised that the "mother" might be yours.


Val wish Id never started
12-11-10, 20:30
my Husbands lot are much more prolific than mine and they had lots of sets of twins too ,my Daughter should have been one , thanks Christine good luck with that contact .