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11-11-10, 15:46
I have a coy page from old parish register and can not make out the first name on the first entry.

The first line says '1806'

The second line says 'July 6 ?????? the daughter of Tomas Ven'

Am attaching actual copy. Looks like name could have possibly been crossed through with another placed above but not sure.

Any ideas as to the name would be much appreciated.


11-11-10, 16:23
hello Brandyman, welcome to FTF

can you say where this copy came from? it might be that someone else can find something relating to it online. (place of birth/parish would be good)

11-11-10, 16:29
Under the correction there seems to be C?one, where the question mark in my translation it is either an F or old fashioed s but as Julie says a clue to where the document was from may help to see what someone else has transcribed.


11-11-10, 16:36
Where I saw the C it is the 6 as in the date sorry so the name could be Jone as in the old spelling of Joan


Anne in Carlisle
11-11-10, 18:19
I don't think its Jone because there are other J letters on the page.

It looks as if it begins with a small letter f - its exactly like the others on the page. But I can only think of Frances or Fanny and it doesn't seem to be either of those. Also why start the name with a small letter when all the other names are properly written.

Fiona??? I don't think so at this period!


Olde Crone Holden
11-11-10, 18:26
Hmmm...wild outsider is Sara, starting with a small "s". The scribe isn't too consistent with his letter formations. Otherwise I agree Jone or Jane.


11-11-10, 18:27
St Michaels & all Angels Church (Parish Registers), Rowberrow Somerset

Baptisms 1723-1813

Held by Somerset Heritage Centre (Ref: D/P/row 2/1/1)

I scanned this page from copy of original registers which I have on microfiche.

To my knowledge, the Rowberrow Parish Registers have not yet been transcribed and do not appear online.

I do not know if this helps. The mother of the father had first name of Flower. I thought name on scan could have been this or possibly Clara. Did not put these thoughts down as wanted people to view page with open mind.


Olde Crone Holden
11-11-10, 18:34
Haha, well I thought Flora and dismissed that as not being a likely name for the time!


11-11-10, 18:43
Sorry folks, a slight mistake in my last post.

I said 'The mother of the father had first name of Flower'

Flower was, infact the mother of the child.

Christine in Herts
11-11-10, 20:35
I add my welcome, Brandyman!

Is it any easier to read if you invert the B/W of the image, so that it's not a negative?